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Thread: Watch humor

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    Watch humor

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    Re: Watch humor

    What did Omega Speedmaster Pro say to Seiko Monster? If you want to have a fun time, lets meet at noon.
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    Re: Watch humor

    My dog constantly spins in circles before he is able to lay down. I asked the vet about this and she said it’s normal.....he’s a watch dog!

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    Re: Watch humor

    My 7s26 is spot on.

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    Re: Watch humor

    Your image of a watch repair shop reminds me of an oft-told story concerning George Washington.

    George Washington left a watch at a watchmaker's shop for service shortly before he died and the watch was never reclaimed. Recently a historical society discovered that the watchmaker's shop was still in operation and owned by the great, great, great, great grandson of the original watchmaker. Thinking there was a slight chance the watch may still be there members of the society visited the shop and asked about the watch George Washington had left for service. The watchmaker said he would check and went into the back of the shop. He emerged shorty and said, "It'll be ready next Thursday".

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