"WATCH-ING FOR THE CURE" - Please Join the WUS and SCWF Charity Project...

Thread: "WATCH-ING FOR THE CURE" - Please Join the WUS and SCWF Charity Project...

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    "WATCH-ING FOR THE CURE" - Please Join the WUS and SCWF Charity Project...

    Original post by Isthmus:

    Hi everyone:

    A group of us at WUS have started a project that we would like to invite you guys to be a part of. We are creating 3 elaborate mods to be auctioned for charity. The charity in question is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation:


    The project thus far is to take 3 donated Seiko watches and through your donations of watches, parts or cash, modify them into very unique pieces. Once finished, we would like to auction the finished products on three separate auctions. All the money collected from the auction, together from any left over money donated during the modification process will be donated to the breast cancer foundation, in the name of WUS and SCWF.

    The following is a description of the three mods. We are following a theme of earth, sky and sea. The following is a list of what parts we have and what we still need:

    MOD #1 (Sea) The Ocean Star:

    The starting watch is a Seiko SKX171. Here the watch will be mounted on a super oyster bracelet. The entire watch and bracelet will be coated in SoCom Blue ceramic. This is a black ceramic with hints of dark blue in it that are only visible when the light hits it just right. The top section of the bezel will remain in exposed metal, with the recessed numbers and markers coated in the same ceramic. The bracelet’s clasp will mimic the bezel and will also be partially uncoated, with the word Seiko coated in the same ceramic finish. The chapter ring will be aluminum coated in the same ceramic finish. The dial will be Yobokies’ “Scubadiver” dial and the hands will be a set of spade hands.

    MOD #2 (air) The Snow Monster:

    For this we are planning to a blasted and coated all white black monster. The case bezel and bracelet will be all white, while the recessed markers and numbers will be black. The dial will be an unmodified black monster dial and hands.

    MOD #3 (earth) The Trooper:

    This one will be one with a WWII flavor. We plan on modding a Seiko SKX007 or any other similar diver in an 0020 case (except the 171). We plan on replacing the bezel insert with a steel 12 hour insert, blasting the watch, coating the whole thing in “Army green” colored ceramic, painting the bezel markers and numbers black, coating the chapter ring in the same Army green ceramic, replacing the dial with a yobokies tan flieger, using black day and date wheels and to be determined black hands. We will then mount the whole thing on a double layered 2-piece Army green nylon bracelet.

    Common Design Elements. We plan on adding two common elements to every single watch. First in every watch the caseback will be coated the same color as the case. However the raised parts of the tsunami logo will be coated in pink, the color of the cancer foundation. This will make the tsunami stand out but since it will be against your wrist, no one but the wearer will know it is there.

    The second design element will be hidden. Here we are having the rotor for each watch engraved and enameled with the foundation’s pink ribbon logo. No one will see this design element unless the caseback is removed, but it will identify each watch as belonging to the project.


    We need your donations of parts or cash so we can afford to buy the parts and coatings needed to finish each mod. If you donate cash we will post an accounting of all money collected, together with an accounting of everything we spend it on. Every penny that remains (if any) will be added to the total collected from the auctions and an accounting of that will be posted on the forums.

    Here is what we currently have for each mod and what we still need:

    Mod 1:

    - We have: The watch, the hands and the bracelet.

    - We need: The dial (Yobokies Scubadiver), the chapter ring (Yobokies aluminum), and a domed blue coated sapphire from Yobokies.

    Mod 2:

    - We have: One black monster head.

    - We need: Either a monster bracelet or a 20mm heavy mesh bracelet

    Mod 3:

    - We have: donor dial

    - We need: A donor SKX diver (condition doesn’t have to be great). We also need a Yobokies 12 hour stainless steel insert, black 7S day/date wheels, Yobokies aluminum chapter ring, Green AR coated domed sapphire from Yobokies, black hands (we’ll take any hand design into account at this point).

    If you can donate any of the parts mentioned above or would like to donate any money so we can buy them please contact me at: [email protected] ; or Michael Martin at: [email protected] . If you would like to donate a part or a watch directly, you can either mail it directly to Michael (e-mail him for his shipping address) or purchase it directly from Yobokies ( [email protected] ) and have him send it to Michael (Harold has the address).

    If you’d like to donate cash, please e-mail Michael and myself and we will reply with a paypal address for donations.

    We are trying to have everything done ASAP so that we can hold the auction and donate the money close to Christmas time.

    Thanks so much for everyone who has participated thus far and to everyone still to donate. We can't do it without you.


    [/SIZE][/FONT]Here is a teaser shot of the Ocean Star's case coated in SoCom Blue ceramic, to give you an idea of what we're up to, and to tease you a little.

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    Re: "WATCH-ING FOR THE CURE" - Please Join the WUS and SCWF Charity Project...

    Thanks for posting, and thanks to everyone who has already replied and donated. To everyone else, please contact us with anything you can donate. It is greatly appreciated.



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