Which watch next - newbie with lots of questions

Thread: Which watch next - newbie with lots of questions

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    Which watch next - newbie with lots of questions

    I just purchased a watch and am already planning my next watch.

    What I am currently thinking:
    Rolex Submariner no date
    IWC Aquatimer
    Omega Seamaster professional

    Which would you suggest?

    I am not looking to have a huge collection of watches, i just want a few nice pieces that will cover the bases of what i need. In my opinion I need the following watches(followed by what I have):

    Every Day Watch - Omega Speedmaster Professional
    Dress Watch - IWC Portofino Automatic
    Dive Watch -
    beater/gym watch -

    Am I missing anything? I want quality pieces that will last the test of time, and maybe one day can pass down to my grandchildren.

    I also have a Hamilton Linwood Automatic that was replaced by the speedy and I havent worn in years. Going to probably sell this. I also have a Movado 800 series i got as a gift. Is this watch strong enough to withstand gym/beater watch duty if i get a rubber band or would i be better off with something like a victorinox swiss army?
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    Re: Which watch next - newbie with lots of questions

    The Rolex is arguably the best of the three, but they are all good watches. So it comes down to which you like the looks of the most. Try them all on because each one will fit and feel different. And when you are trying them on, try some others too. Then decide after that.

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    Agreed - the Rolex Sub is the quintessential diver watch, and just seems to "go" with most everything and every occasion. I love mine.
    That being said, the blue Omega SMP with wavy dial is just stunning and gets far more wrist time.
    By the way - when I swim or boat, I wear either my G-Shock or my awesome Zodiac diver. My 'spensive divers don't actually dive.
    I know -- I'm a coward.

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    Re: Which watch next - newbie with lots of questions

    Sub is too cliche, go for the Explorer 2 instead.
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