"This Watch is Perfect... Except"
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Thread: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

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    "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    Hi friends. Hope your holiday was as great as mine. I got a little extra cash to go toward buying my first mechanical, and it's already burning a hole in my wallet. While staring at the few I've narrowed it down to (and discovering a few more) today, I became curious about the watches that are so close to perfect for you, if only there was ONE difference. It could be something in the style, or the movement used. I'm just hoping you don't pick "price" as the one thing you wish were different.

    And if that one thing driving you nuts led you to another watch, even better!

    I'll go first, but let me start by saying that even though it's not quite perfect, having only one thing about it I'm not crazy about is still pretty great. I may end up making it my first purchase anyway.

    Almost perfect:
    Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Chronograph.
    Name:  khaki navy pioneer.png
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    I LOVE this watch. I've tried it on in person, and it's even better than the picture. The hands are gorgeous, and the silver (almost white) face is too. I'm also a big fan of the band. I mentioned in a post earlier that the one thing that keeps it from being perfect to me is the way the "12" is half covered. I wish they had eliminated it altogether, like they did with the "6".

    That got me looking at other marine models, and I found this.
    Steinhart Marine Chronograph.
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    I prefer the way the "12" is displayed here. As I'm new to watches, I'm researching a lot about each one I see that I like. Probably won't pull the trigger on this one because their website makes it sound like being on my wrist in the rain would be enough to ruin it. And I'm not familiar with the ETA Valjoux 7750 movement.

    Alas... if only the Hamilton's 12... Sigh.
    Or maybe I'm just neurotic.

    So what watch do you keep staring at, even though it's not quite perfect?

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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    Name:  Rolex-Explorer-1-39mm-ref-214270-3.jpg
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    hands too short
    “If we could be satisfied with anything, we should have been satisfied long ago.”
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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    All of the Hamilton Khaki models.
    How is it supposed to truly survive in the field without a screw down crown???

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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    Let's see:

    Rolex DJII, slightly too big
    GO Senator Observer, 2-4mm too big
    GO PML, slightly too thick
    Omega 9300 chronographs, way too thick...

    Current 'pieces:

    Rolex GMT II BLNR

    Zenith Defy
    Omega SMP 2254.50
    Seiko SAGN007
    Ulysse Nardin Classico
    Hermes Slim d'Hermes

    Audemars Piguet 15300
    Vacheron Constantin Overseas
    Jaeger LeCoultre Tribute to Deep Sea vintage chronograph
    Rolex DateJust41 126300

    Rolex Daytona 116500

    JeanRichard Terrascope
    IWC 3239 Laureus

    Rolex Explorer II 216570
    Speedmaster Co-Axial 9300
    Omega Aqua Terra 2503.33
    Omega Aqua Terra 2502.80
    Omega SM300
    Speedy Pro 3572.50 w/ a Panda dial (three times)
    Speedy Pro 3570.50 (several times)

    Oris 65

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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    I bought this Momentum M50 MarkII as a grab and go beater quartz dive watch. I like everything about it except how short the hands are. I want the minutes and seconds hand to reach all the way to the indices.
    Name:  IMAG1797 copy 2.jpg
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    Name:  IMGP2432.JPG
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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    I agree. Those partial numerals are a deal breaker for me.

    I am wearing the non-chrono version of this same watch right now, and I love it. As you say, the hands, dial and strap are so much nicer than the picture would have you believe.

    It seems like almost every watch has one nit you can pick if you look hard enough, though. I've been circling an Omega for a while now, as I'm drawn to the brand, but i can find a fault with every single one!

    The Hamilton Navy Pioneer, on the other hand, was a complete impulse purchase, and unusually I haven't regretted it for a moment. The watch just grabbed me.

    So if that happened to you with this one, don't over analyze it. Or if you are unsure... Take a look at the three-hander! All twelve numerals present and correct in full!

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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    I wish the jlc master control ultrathin moon was 38.5mm. also, wish more 40mm deck/marine watches were 38.5 as well since it is my preferred size :D. Wish the fiftyfathom were 40mm, and the 42mm 1950s case panerai luminous were 12mm thick. Wish the AT8500 were slightly thinner as well,

    14060m, 16200, Pam48, AT8500, El Primero 1969, Speedy FOIS, Antea KS, Orion Minimatik, ST8000SA Tourbillon, Zeppelin 7618-1

    want: ALS Saxonia, PP Nautilus,

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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    Who's going to be first to suggest a watch is perfect, apart from the price?
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    Brad (@bradwatch)
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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    I would have to say FC worldtimer the date subdial covers up part of the cities and chapter ring

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    Re: "This Watch is Perfect... Except"

    For me, this would be the Seagull 1963, 38mm with acrylic crystal.

    Absolutely love the watch, the history, the fact that it's just so different from the rest... if only it would be bigger... I know there's a 42mm version, but the 38mm is more true to the original, and just has a better balanced overall look.

    I know I'd like wearing the 42mm version, but would always be feeling I'm dating the ugly sister of the girl I fell for, so trying to start away. Then again, she looks so much like her.....
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