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    Watch with phantom... movement?

    Greetings all, I'm hoping to get some help finding a watch I saw here a couple of years ago. As best I can remember, there was a post by a (possibly start-up, most likely boutique) brand which featured several photos. I'm afraid I cannot remember the brand name.

    The thing I DO seem to remember is, the dial wasn't of the blackout or phantom style- but the movement was. Not just the rotor, but I'm remembering the entire movement being pvd. Could be my memory is a little fuzzy?- sure, I've been told several times my wife and kids that this just may be the case...

    am I crazy or did I really see something like this?

    The prices were beyond my budget then... but as has probably happened to many here; the longer I'm in this hobby, the less ridiculous some of those prices seem.

    anyone remember or know of a brand with a pvd movement?

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    Re: Watch with phantom... movement?

    Older Pam 317 or pam 438? Both has PVD/DLC'd movt

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