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    Watch Recommendation


    I'm looking for a watch with the following criteria:

    • Price: Ideally up to $230 (£150 / Euro 170), the cheaper the better, but will stretch past $230 if the style warrants it.
    • Waterproof, doesn't have to be able to go down 200m but a nice distance to keep it versatile.
    • Solar Powered, or a power mechanism that means I never have to change batteries.
    • Semi-durable to Very-durable: The G-Shocks seem to fit this criteria well, but the style is borderline gimmicky for me.
    • Weight: Light to Medium (not heavy). This is quite an important criteria for me.
    • Size: Small to Medium (6.75 inch wrists).
    • Non-metallic strap to keep things slim and light, unless the style is good enough to override this point.

    Style: I like the look of this Rotary AGS00069/W/04, it ticks just about most the above boxes except for one - it's battery powered.

    Rotary AGS00069/W/04
    Attachment 979707
    Attachment 979610

    The following Casio AWG-M100A-1AER is quite nice looking, I prefer the looks of the above Rotary, but this Casio has all the above features I'm looking for.

    Casio AWG-M100A-1AER
    Attachment 979613
    Attachment 979708

    Is there a watch that has a style roughly along these two watches' lines, that combines the features of the Casio with the preferred less-gimmicky looks of the Rotary?

    The Casio Giez GS-1400B-1AJF has a less-gimmicky look, but costs around $600 and weighs 95 grams versus the above Casio's 55 grams.

    Casio Giez GS-1400B-1AJF
    Attachment 979702


    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Watch Recommendation

    I like the GIEZ. But of course, my only G-Shock is this:
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    Re: Watch Recommendation

    More seriously, you should look at the Citizen Eco-Drive lineup, especially this one:

    BN0100-00E (also comes with a bracelet as BN0100-51E)
    Attachment 979812Attachment 979813

    They are in budget.

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    Re: Watch Recommendation

    I second the Citizen eco-drive recommendation; they make the great solar-powered watches

    here's a small sample of Seiko's solar line of watches too:

    SNE107 / SNE107P2

    SSC021 / SSC017 / SSC019

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    Re: Watch Recommendation

    How about an Eco-Drive Titanium (which should be very light)? Case diameter is 42mm, which is a bit on the large side, but just about everything else fits.

    Citizen Men's BM8290-05E Eco-Drive Titanium Watch: Watches:

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