The watch to start over.
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Thread: The watch to start over.

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    The watch to start over.


    1) You had to start over your collection for some reason (insurance company paid you full dollar) which will be your first watch?

    2) You can only take ONE watch with you to start a new life, whether it's a new job, business, marriage, going overseas etc. which from your collection will you take!

    Here are my choices


    (Appropriate pic for starting over, hopefully in a beach sipping martinis somewhere)
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    Re: The watch to start over.

    Interesting question.... (note, I didn't read the bit about the second watch being one we have to own right now!)

    For myself:

    1. The new Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000:

    Name:  Rolex-Seadweller-001-700x350.jpg
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    2. Tudor Black Bay (though I hate to think like this since the majority of my watches are gifts which I would really hate to lose)

    Name:  20130827_155829.jpg
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    Re: The watch to start over.

    Isn't it obvious..
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    In the end....There can be but one.
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    Re: The watch to start over.

    Perrelet Seacraft Diver

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    Re: The watch to start over.

    Its not in my collection, but id take a Seiko Tuna, or an Omega Ploprof divers, probably the latter.
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    Re: The watch to start over.

    OK. I will play.

    Question #1. NOMOS Tangente Gangreserve. I figure with a new start to the collection, I would go with something other than divers, which is most of my collection now. lloking for my new collection to be a little more "classy".
    Name:  nomos_zpsdabfb528.jpg
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    Question #2: Rolex DateJust, it is probably the only thing in my collection worth keeping :(
    Name:  giftwatch450x800_zps99f330d7.jpg
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    Re: The watch to start over.

    1. Would absolutely buy this (again), worth every cent

    2. Gotta keep this one, too much sentimental meaning to let it go
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    Re: The watch to start over.

    It is really only a choice between a Seiko SNA090P and a Sinn 556i for me. The Sinn is the better watch, but the Seiko is from my late great uncle and I would probably put the insurance money toward part of a Sinn 356 anyway. Seiko it is.

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    Re: The watch to start over.

    This for both points

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    Re: The watch to start over.

    I gotta say, it wouldn't be my most expensive watch, or my most complicated, it would be the regular old PO steel:

    Name:  IMG_1536.jpg
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