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    Watch swap advice

    Looking to move on from a Breitling in favor of something new.. swapping seems intriguing.

    Can anyone lend advice as to how to trade watches safely as well as get the most value? Is it possible to upgrade? Obviously not going from a Breitling to a Patek but a slight upgrade would be cool..

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    Re: Watch swap advice

    Many people are offering to trade their watches in the sales corner of this forum, you could list your watch there and simultaneously search through the other "for trade" listings and see if you can make a deal. I've traded several watches there before without any problems - just make sure to research your counter party thoroughly.
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    Re: Watch swap advice

    Check in see what the trade value is on your watch and then as stated seek out the forum for watches you might be interested in trading for. There is also the option of trading up with your watch and a certain amount of cash.

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    Re: Watch swap advice

    I wouldn't necessarily go in with the mindset of 'winning' a trade unless winning is getting a piece you really really want. It will be hard to trade for increased value on a site like this where people tend to know what they are looking at. Trading up should be though of in terms of taste / variety.

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    Re: Watch swap advice

    Make sure you researcher your trade partner as others have said. Just as an FYI, due to your relatively low post count the other party may ask you to ship your watch first, which they will then examine before shipping theirs. It has happened to me a couple times and (in my experience) has always been legitimate.

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