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    Watch under $2000

    Okay, so I'm looking for my first expensive watch. My interest lies in watches that look "smart" how you guys would say it. I do prefer mechanical. Some of the designs that I loved but I would like to see if I get to see any other watches that I will maybe fall in love a little more. I know some of these watches are 4-5k and that are out of my budget, I simply want to show you where my interest lies. I do prefer less than 42mm as I have smaller wrist.

    Victorinox Chronopro

    Name:  VIctorino-Swiss-Army-Chronopro-most-wanted-thumb-450x501-8445.jpg
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    I'd love to have this watch, unfortunately as far as I have searched, it's impossible to buy a brand new one, and I do want a new one.

    B&M Geneve

    Name:  Baume-mercier-Capeland-10062-10084-Rec_def.jpg
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    This watch is out of my budget as I mentioned before otherwise I would but it instantly, unless someone wants to help me and pay a half of it.

    TAG Heuer Men's CV2014.FT6014 Carrera Automatic

    Name:  CV2014.FT6014__42749.1372705917.1280.1280.jpg
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    Little bit out of my budget.

    TAG Heuer Men's CV2A11.FC6235

    Name:  CV2A11.FC6235.jpg
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    I fell in love with this watch the first time I saw it, but 3,5k for a 21 year old is a bit much.
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    Re: Watch under $2000

    Before recommendations, I would suggest you rethink the used concern. Allow to explain to you that many people (like everybody around this forum and millions more out there) buy nice watches but they have multiple nice watches so each watch gets less wear than you might think. Also, watch lovers know how to care for and baby a watch, so less chance of being damaged. Look at the sales forum - watches that look brand new - but they several years old. Heck, many have the boxes and manuals. Like new too.

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    Re: Watch under $2000

    You obviously like chronos... why not get one of the best of them all? I know these are used (not my ads either), but it'd be hard to do better for the price.

    This one is similar to one of the tags on your list:


    A lot of the watches you listed, like Tag and B&M lose almost half their value when they become used. Which is great when you're looking for a used one and not so great when looking for a new one (or trying to sell one). Brands like Omega at least hold their value a little better.
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    Re: Watch under $2000

    You cant go wrong with Omega's as the previous poster noted. Although for $2000 you would be hard pressed to find a brand new Omega for that price.

    There are alot of options for $2000. I think you should take your time and go through all the different brands listed in the forum section and look at pictures and have others vote on the watches that you are considering.

    I also dont think you should sell yourself short for being a 21 year old with savings. I think that anyone who is willing to save money for a watch that they really want deserves to get that watch. There are other people out there that buy things they dont really save up for and just charge it on their credit card. I commend you for having saved up money and want to buy a timepiece that will last instead of going to your closest fossil store and buying a generic watch.

    Anyways, you seem to be interested in swiss watches and particularly chronographs. To be honest, with a $2000 dollar budget and your target choice are chronographs, new condition. You will have a harder time finding them. If that is what you want of course. You could save up a little bit more to open up your options.

    Generally, the more complications you have in a watch, the more expensive it will be brand new. So, hopefully you find something useful in this post.

    Let us know what you do decide on getting!

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    Re: Watch under $2000

    Check out the Sinn chronos, Hamilton and Mido.
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    Re: Watch under $2000

    Victorinox Infantry Heritage Name:  Victorinox Infantry chrono.jpg
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Size:  9.4 KB
    Oris GT Chrono Name:  Oris GT chrono.jpg
Views: 1113
Size:  9.7 KB
    Longines HydroConquest Name:  Longines hydro chrono.jpg
Views: 1111
Size:  9.3 KB
    Oris TT1 chrono Name:  Oris TT1 chrono.jpg
Views: 1124
Size:  8.4 KB
    Hamilton Lord Hamilton Name:  Hamilton Lord Chrono.jpg
Views: 1118
Size:  7.5 KB
    Hamilton Chrono Name:  Hamilton chrono.jpg
Views: 1153
Size:  7.8 KB
    Alpina Racing Quartz Name:  Alpina Chrono.jpg
Views: 1110
Size:  7.9 KB
    Alpina Avalaunch Ex Auto Name:  Alpina Auto.jpg
Views: 1090
Size:  11.4 KB

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    Re: Watch under $2000

    Check out the Sinn chronos, Hamilton and Mido.
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    Re: Watch under $2000

    I would check out Hamilton and Christopher Ward's chronos.

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    Re: Watch under $2000

    Two more for half of your budget, from Steinhart:
    Le Mans GT Chronograph.. - Chronographs - Steinhart Watches

    Racetimer blue... - Chronographs - Steinhart Watches

    I like the Mido Multifort Chrono suggestion, as that's pretty unique and from a good maker.

    I was about to suggest a Ball, because they seem to be right up your alley, but the best one for you (the Fireman Storm Chaser) seems to be >$2000. I did find some used for $2400

    Check them out.

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    Re: Watch under $2000

    Checkout the Hamilton Jazzmaster auto chrono line up. Falls into your budget and is "smart" looking.

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