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    Watch Warranty Question

    Hi - was hoping someone could help me out with my situation.

    I recently bought a watch online a couple of weeks back and it seems to have stopped running and the rotor no longer works. It has a warranty card that is valid till 2018 and luckily for me, I work 10 minutes away from a Swatch Service Center.

    The question I have is should I tell them that the watch was a gift, or that I bought it myself? Or should I tell them I bought it online. The reason I am asking is it is stated in the warranty booklet they will not fix anything that is caused by neglect from the owner. I actually haven't even worn the watch yet, waiting till Christmas time, so I have definitely not mistreated it. However, I am worried if I say I bought it online, they may claim that the last person could have mistreated it which is why I wondering if I'm better off saying I bought it or it was a gift.

    Was hoping someone who ran into this situation before could help me out. I have never experienced this.


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    Re: Watch Warranty Question

    If you haven't worn it yet, how do you know the rotor isn't working properly? Can you see that the rotor doesn't move at all?
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    Re: Watch Warranty Question

    Are you asking us whether to tell the truth, or to lie? You're kidding, right?

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    Re: Watch Warranty Question

    If the watch has a previous owner, and it's not working, then the previous owner should be responsible.

    Swatch may suggest the previous owner mistreated it, and from the sounds of you are unable to say whether or not that is true. You certainly don't sound sure it wasn't.
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    Re: Watch Warranty Question

    You should find out if the warranty is transferrable.

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    Re: Watch Warranty Question

    They don't care where you got it as long as it has a valid warranty card. Is the card filled out? I assume it is since you have dates. If filled out it must also list the AD that sold it. Lots of questions here unanswered. Please start over.

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    Re: Watch Warranty Question

    Take it up with the previous owner and get them to sort it. It saves you the hassle of taking it to the service centre and any potential embarrassment that may ensue.

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