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    Question Watch Winders and Magnetism

    I have a couple of Orbita winders, but after acquiring a couple more automatics, I had to take my Steinhausen winder out of storage. The Orbita instructions state that their winders have been tested and proven non-magnetic. Until I read that, I had never thought about magnetism as a problem with winders, but now I'm worried about the Steinhausen. The Steinhausen winder is much cheaper and, unlike the Orbita, the motor actually turns the watch for 30 seconds every 20 minutes, so it runs quite a lot. Should I worry about keeping a good watch on the Steinhausen for an extended period? Does someone here have the equipment to test the winder?
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    Re: Watch Winders and Magnetism

    Do you have a compass? Put it near the winder. I just did that with my cheap MTE and the compass was totally disinterested. Have you seen the motors in these winders? They are tiny. Any watch affected by a winder should be kept well away from televisions, kitchen blenders, electric drills, CRT monitors, all of which emit considerably higher gauss.

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