Having picked up an Orbita Sparta 1 on e-Bay, I realized that all winders are not the same. This low-end Orbita is for watches that can be wound by rocking in both directions. I now know that watches with the Base Valjoux 7750B movement (like my Tutima) need a winder that moves in a clockwise direction and will give 800 revolutions per day (if only I'd checked the great resource on the Orbita site sooner).

Some high end Wolf Designs and orbita can be set at this speed either by selecting pre-programmed settings (Wolf) or programming it yourself (Orbita). I found a little bit of information on the RHD winder, which can be programmed for speed and direction. These aren't cheapies as such, but they are quite a bit less than either Wolf Designs or Orbita units. Does anyone have first hand experience with them?

I'd also like to correspond off list with someone who has a Wolf Designs module 3.0. I need the specifications for these (can you select speed and direction?), but there is no longer any information on the company's website.

I'm looking forward to hearing from some of you. Thanks.


Thanks very much.