The title sounds like a BEWARE of SCAMMER tag, but it really isn't intended as such. I just wanted to bring to your attention a personal observation and highlight the fact that the game of "telephone" often gets employed in the sales forum, even if the seller is trying to be 100% honest and transparent.

I bought a watch on the forum from the original owner (AD receipt in his name). I loved the watch, but the sapphire was highly reflective and it had no AR coating. It was either flip it or fix it. So I started researching aftermarket AR coatings. I was all set to have Jay do it at Motor City Watch Works, but at the very last moment his local supplier of AR coating vanished/moved/closed. Through digging on the forum, I found Jack at IWW does a good job of this too. I contacted him, we exchanged info, I sent the watch to him and I got it back a month or so later with a great job of AR applied to the crystal. I wore the watch for a year or so and then decided to sell it on the forum... which I did.

Lo and behold, I saw the same watch come up for sale a month or so after that (price slightly lower than what I sold it for but with a new strap added to the mix). Watch history was copied off my sale I believe and everything looked correct. However, in another couple of months, I saw my same watch come up for sale again (same straps, same small ding on the bezel... same watch). This time the seller made reference to a belief that "there may have been aftermarket AR coating applied to the watch by Jay at MCWW". Well, this is wrong and wrong. There was AR applied, but it was from Jack at IWW. It wasn't a lie, it was just misinformation. That sale was also successful. Then once again, weeks or months later, my same watch came up for sale AGAIN. Same straps, same ding on the bezel. Price had dropped significantly over these sales, and now there was ZERO mention of the watch being upgraded/modded to AR coating. Again, not a lie, just an important fact that had been lost or forgotten over its trails. Someone got a great deal on a great watch with aftermarket AR coating and doesn't even know it.

What is the moral of the story? I can't say for sure. However after buying and selling dozens of watches on this forum over the last few years, all I can say is do your research and be careful. Almost everyone I have done business with from this forum has been a pleasure to deal with, and I think most people here do the right thing and try to be as honest as possible. This is just a warning that even with all of that, caveat emptor.