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Thread: Watch for young boy? - help

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    Watch for young boy? - help

    My nephew is 8 and has followed my watch collecting since he was barely able to walk. He always wants to wear my timepieces. Typically he does not like metal bracelets. He usually wears one of my watches with a NATO strap or even a leather one. Yesterday he asked for his own watch. I kind of went blank. Any ideas guys on what watch to buy a young boy. I know he would love a ton of NATO straps to change out daily to school. Thoughts?

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    Something from the Seiko 5 line for sure. Probably one of their field watches. Only downside is hardlex crystal rather than sapphire, but stepping up to sapphire will cost a bit to hand it over to an 8 year old. Lucky kid!
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    Re: Watch for young boy? - help

    Timex Ironman. Water resist to 100m, tons of features, and a nifty backlight.

    Could also do a Camper model or one of their other archive models if he's into analog watches.

    My first few watches all got destroyed, so my frame of reference says don't go too pricey.

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    Watch for young boy? - help

    Casio F91W on a nato. The nato is tough to put on but it can be done. My younger nephew loved mine so I bought him his own and put a camo nato on it and he loves it. I’ve taken mine swimming and wear it when doing yardwork. Tough as nails.

    SNK80x series is a solid choice as well.

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    Re: Watch for young boy? - help

    Timex waterbury or expedition. There are kits (for extra 0.$$$) nice package with extra strap.
    I don't suggest chronograph since it big. Just example of package
    Name:  zegarek-meski-z-dwoma-dodatkowymi-paskami-timex-weekender-twg012400-7973353_2.jpg
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    Re: Watch for young boy? - help

    I started both my daughters off with Timex Expedition digital watches, mainly because both are runners, but also to get them used to wearing a watch. It worked with my younger one, and she quickly moved to analog. Agree wholeheartedly with the Seiko 5 suggestions ... she now has the SNK809 which is the same model that KatfromTN just posted, but with a black dial. The Type B flieger dial has been really handy in helping her read analog time quickly and intuitively, a skill which many of her peers lack. And she likes the display back ...

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    She's starting art school this year, so I bought her an artsy Mr Jones watch, 37mm w/a Seagull automatic, and she absolutely loves it.

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    My older kid has been a tougher nut to crack. She moved from her Timex running watch to a Garmin 5 in a shocking shade of teal. I fear she will never be a WIS as she has no interest in analog watches. I tried with a cool Swatch but no luck. This green one, from Projects, is my most recent attempt to lure her into wearing a watch, but as you can see, that's me modeling it, so no luck even getting it on her wrist ...

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    Re: Watch for young boy? - help

    I'd recommend a Timex Weekender
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    Re: Watch for young boy? - help

    Crap I thought this was a "want to trade" thread!

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    Mr Jones has some very interesting watches. They are all smallish (37-38mm), so there’s a fair chance they’ll fit his wrist.

    Swatch likely has lots of fun watches he might like.
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    Re: Watch for young boy? - help

    What is he attracted to in your collection? Budget?

    I say Tissot t-touch for a few hundred from Joma if you have the budget.

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