Watches from where you live
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Thread: Watches from where you live

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    Watches from where you live

    I'm in Canada and there's not a lot going on in terms of makers, but we do have a few.

    One being Marathon well known for their rugged military spec'd (what ever that means) watches

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    And Halios a micro brand that in my opinion is putting out some really nice, solid watches

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    Coal and Steel used to be the big thing round our neck of the wood and anything that weighed less than 20 tons needn’t bother applying so watches were pretty much out.

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    Momentum based in Vancouver, BC
    It should be special!

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    Bulova was founded and is headquarted in New York. They're in the Empire State Building now, I believe, but I used to drive past the old building on the BQE every day.

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    No watch builder in Costa Rica. Nevertheless few people will assemble their own pieces, like this pilot, assembled by me few years ago

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    I used to work right up the street from where Monta is now in St. Louis. Now that I'm in Portland, the closest manufacturer I know of is Keaton Myrick.

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    I'm just across the Susquehanna River from Roland Murphy and RGM watches in Mt. Joy, PA
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    Re: Watches from where you live

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    In Detroit, there's Shinola. I don't own one, but here's their Lake Erie Monster on my wrist

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    Re: Watches from where you live

    Only Finnish watch (instrument) I own is a Suunto.

    Some other brands made in my home country:



    De Motu
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