Watches for women with big wrists
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Thread: Watches for women with big wrists

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    Watches for women with big wrists

    My wrists are 8.5" around, which makes it a nightmare to buy women's watches. Men's, on the other hand, are far more available, but I'm not sure if they would look good.

    So, what do women with similarly sized wrists (7.5" or more) suggest? Which men's watches can look nice? If possible, pics would be welcome too!

    Thank you.

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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    Cartier Pasha.
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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    Do you have a price range? A lot of men watches would look just fine, womens' watches are usually just smaller versions.

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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    Depending on your price range and/or style preferences, a mens/womens sport model like this might work well for her.
    This is my wife's favorite watch.
    Panerai PAM 048

    Name:  3-27-2017 - PAM 48 - Arrived - After Service -- 30.JPG
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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    Temption - Calla, a very nice unisex at 35mm.

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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    Almost any Rolex model from 36mm to 40mm will work just fine. I've seen women wearing these watches, so I mentioned Rolex, but any brand with sizes in that range will work. Often, more important than the diameter, the factors that make a watch "work" are things like:

    How blingy is it? Shiny surfaces, gold, shiny bracelet, etc. Blingy can wear bolder/bigger.
    A bracelet can make most watches wear larger than a strap, especially if shiny.
    Darker dials will wear less boldly than white/light dials.
    Bezel and dial sizes make a difference, too. A slimmer bezel allows for a bigger dial, which can make the look bolder.

    You've got a huge range of choices. You might try to figure out which watches you really like-- then adjust the looks to make it work the way you want.

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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    Do you have a budget range you’d like to stay within?

    My first inkling without more information is to suggest the Speedmaster 38 Chrono. It’s a relatively new line from Omega. There are a bunch of colors/styles to choose from and unfortunately the online pictures just don’t do it justice.

    Im attaching a picture of one below, but because there are multiple variations (dial colors, hands, etc) one to the next look completely different.

    Name:  C186855E-3592-4919-B701-53008CEBF5E7.jpeg
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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    I would probably suggest some kind of dress diver. Maybe something like a blue Rado D-Star, or maybe a Breitling SOH depending on what kind of budget we're talking. Dress divers scale up in size much better than more traditional dress watches, which in my opinion start to look a bit funny when you get to 42mm+. These are extremely versatile watches that work in pretty much any situation.

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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

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    Re: Watches for women with big wrists

    I've noticed more & more women wearing what most would consider to be men's size watches. I think it's great and looks good too. Shopping for watches for my wife is dismal...lots of fashion choices; not many function choices. Maybe someday watches (at least "tool" or function watches) won't even have a gender connotation. Apple Watch pulled this off somehow without many noticing it. Find something you like and don't even pretend to care what others think. ROCK ON!!
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