Watches you've sold and bought again...
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Thread: Watches you've sold and bought again...

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    Watches you've sold and bought again...

    I see a lot of posts on here where people say they've bought a watch two or more times, having sold the first one.

    I'm not sure I understand why you would do this, as it must cost a lot more money than to just keep it.

    Obviously I understand that there may be financial reasons for wanting to sell a watch, and then to repurchase it when things pick up, but I sense that on many cases this is not the full picture.

    I'm pretty sure if I sold a watch, or even if I had it stolen, I would probably try something new next time around. Where is the excitement in buying a watch when you know exactly what it will be like?

    Just interested on hearing people's stories. What made you sell it? Why did you get it again? Did you regret selling it in the first place? Did you regret buying it again?

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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    I have two watches on the sales forum now that I will repurchase if they sell. My expenses have increased due to a new business venture which necessitates financing new ones with ones in the stable, and I'm trying to get one of my "need to have" watches.

    As you figured, that is likely the #1 reason why people "re-buy" was sold to finance something more expensive.
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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    Hey man, you don't have to keep copying and pasting your "signature" for your watch collection at the end of your posts. It shows up fine in your sig.

    Anyway, I've sold a Planet Ocean, only to re-acquire one again down the road, but in a different color the next time. I'd buy another Sub 16610 if the right deal arose, I think.

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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    I've sold a Speedy (after re-dialing w/ a panda dial) only to buy another.

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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    Got my SubC in 2011 and sold it after a few months. It was a mistake. I purchased a ton of other divers but none compared to the original.

    Got it back 8 months ago. IMHO, the best diver watch ever. I cannot explain it but it just fits perfectly.
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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    Not exactly the same watch but I have a love/hate relationship with the Submariner/SeaDweller.
    I have bought and sold 2 14060 (tritium/superluminova), a 16610 and a 16600 SeaDweller at different periods in time. There were little quirks in each model that I have grown to dislike which eventually lead me to get rid of them.
    I learnt that I would probably never be pleased with the classic sub/seadweller but I would probably still pick up a Sub C 114060 in the future. Since I bought them preowned, I was able to come out even at the end.

    Bought a PO 45.5mm which I sold off due to the size and picked up a PO 42mm 8500 recently (I dont see myself selling this ).

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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    SMP: 2x, blue Bond model

    Speedy: 2x, One closed back and current one with display back

    VSA: 2x, Blue and silver dial

    TAG F1: Silver dial then black dial
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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    I traded off my blue Longines Hydroconquest maybe a year ago, regretted trading it off ever since.

    Will definitely pick one up again in the future.

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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    None in ten years of collecting.

    Out of sight out of mind.
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    -j. steinbeck

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    Re: Watches you've sold and bought again...

    Seiko Sumo x 2 (different colors on all of the watches)
    Breitling Seawolf x 5
    Halios Bluering x 2
    Zodiac Oceanaire x 6


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