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Midnight Sun is a brand new piece from Swedish watchmakers Gustafsson & Sjögren. Bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjögren have Scandinavian nature and history as a key source of their inspiration when designing GoS watches. Their mutual love for the Scandinavian ethos makes their work blend naturally even though their respective crafts are quite different in character.

The watch is so new that GoS haven’t even had time to write a press release about it, and the pictures you see here are straight from Patrick Sjögren to Ernie in order to present the watch to Watchuseek readers ahead of anybody else.

Midnight Sun represents the brand's interpretation of the phenomenon that occurs north of the arctic circle during summer when the sun never sets. Although it is bright as daylight during night, it’s a different kind of light.

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The watch is a collaboration between GoS and Jochen Benzinger who has made a custom sunray-skeletonisation of a chronometre grade 6498 movement. The main plate is blued and shows off some of his beautiful Guilloche work too.

The design of the dial and hands is inspired by the earlier Stockholm model but GoS have replaced the mother of pearl dial with a solid gold dial.

Several steps of radial finishing has been applied in order to achieve the sunray effect on the dial, which is extremely difficult to capture in a non studio environment photograph.

The index ring and hands are made from Johan's hand-forged damascus steel which has been shaped, polished, etched and then beveled to create the rough surface and sparkling edges.

We will feature the watch in more detail after Patrick has had a chance to compose his thoughts and write the press release.

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