Watchuseek supports JS Watch to raise funds for KRAFTUR

Thread: Watchuseek supports JS Watch to raise funds for KRAFTUR

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    Picture Watchuseek supports JS Watch to raise funds for KRAFTUR

    Watchuseek is proud to support JS Watch, longterm and respected sponsor,
    in their effort to raise funds for KRAFTUR

    Online bidding starts December 8th, 10AM and closes January 20th, 10AM
    Sign up on this page if you want to receive a notification when the auctions go live

    Name:  eggert_watch.jpg
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Size:  30.9 KB Icelandic watch manufacturer JS Watch co. Reykjavik and two of the most prominent artists in Iceland, Erró and Eggert Pétursson have joined together in order to support KRAFTUR, a society to support young people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their relatives.

    In 2010 the owners of JS Watch co. Reykjavik got the idea to ask the most prominent artists in Iceland to join with them in order to create something very special and to make the outcome of that creative work their contribution to KRAFTUR.

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    The idea which was presented to the artists was to have the artists design the ornaments for the dials on two magnificent Islandus wristwatches from JS Watch co. Reykjavik and also to design the ornaments on the accompanying two single watch boxes and thus be able to create a pair of magnificent and unique works of art that would be unequalled in Iceland. The next step was to hold an auction sale of these two watches with the intent to raise funds to support KRAFTUR where the entire proceeds will go to KRAFTUR.

    And today little more than a year later the result of this collaborative project is ready: two magnificent watches and two boxes adorned with artworks by Erró and Eggert Pétursson. As a result these pieces of art are very unique ornaments which will undoubtedly attract attention and admiration in the future.

    This is a very rare opportunity for collectors and connoisseurs of fine watches and art to acquire unique collectors´ items.

    Name:  erro_adal.jpg
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    About the artist / ERRÓ

    Erró the artist, (Gudmundur Gudmundsson born 1932 in Ólafsvík) is a post modern artist. He studied in Norway and in Italy and has been living in France for many decades, and he has also lived in Thailand and on the island of Formentera. Erró is one of the most well known Icelandic painters of our time and his works have been exhibited and sold all over the world. The distinctive features of Erró´s paintings are powerful characters and pronounced colours. His works transmit both grand assertions as well as admonition. Over the years Erró has journeyed over unbeaten paths and created his own personal style of art by interweaving comic book heroes, situations in politics, world leaders, art and culture.

    The dial by Erró has a copy of a painting made by the artist in 1992 entitled “Facescape” where portraits of extra characters from American comic books are shown as a crowd of spectators at a football game. In 1999 the artist created a round formed image based on this same work and this image adorns the dial, and the Facescape painting adorns the watch box.

    The watch which is adorned with Erró´s work is a JS Watch co. Reykjavik - Islandus 44mm wrist-watch - with a self-winding high-quality mechanism and a handmade solid 18-Carat gold rotor, and is adorned with handcrafted decorations.

    Name:  eggert_adal.jpg
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    About the artist / Eggert Pétursson

    “We perceive the complexity of the work by the light flowing onto it and also when we approach the work or when we withdraw from it. The image draws you closer or pushes you back. The surface appears enticing, the details attract the viewer. Radiant dots and particles indicate a space beyond the image. In that space the light has not been separated from the obscure dimness until the viewer makes the distinction in his/her mind.” This is the way the artist Eggert Pétursson describes his art in an exhibition catalogue from 1991. Eggert Pétursson was born in 1956 and resides in Iceland. He studied in the Netherlands and in Iceland from 1974-1981. Eggert´s speciality is the Icelandic flora and in particular wild florets or small flowers. His artwork features so many minute details, precision and depth that it is difficult to imagine the great amount of time and patience needed to create this type of artwork in which he has specialized. Eggert Pétursson is undoubtedly one of our foremost painters in Iceland and he occupies a place among painters such as Kjarval and Ásgrímur Jónsson.

    The dial by Eggert Pétursson is painted by hand depicting a small flower: Rock speedwell (Veronica fruticans). The box shows this flower amidst Alpine Lady's mantle (Alchemilla alpina) and Dwarf alpine willow (Salix herbacea). “In the recent years I have done a lot of going out and painting plants that grow in hollows or depressions up in the mountains. The snow covering the land acts as a shield for the delicate vegetation during the winter. The plants depicted on the box grow in natural hollows that fill with snow during the winter. You can see the bright blue color of the Rock speedwell glittering among the Dwarf alpine willow and the Alpine Lady's mantle.” Explains Eggert Péturson when asked about the work.

    The watch adorned with Eggert´s work is a JS Watch Co - Reykjavik - Islandus 44mm wrist-watch, with a self-winding high-quality mechanism which has been decorated by hand in a unique fashion.

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    Re: Watchuseek supports JS Watch to raise funds for KRAFTUR

    Charity Auction Reminder | There are only nine days left to bid

    The Auction closes on January 20th at 10am.

    This is just a reminder that there are only ten days left to bid and become the owner of a unique piece of art from JS Watch co. Reykjavik and contribute to KRAFTUR, a society supporting young people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their relatives at the same time.
    Best regards,

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