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I’m excited to announce that Phigora has partnered up with top luxury watch repair and maintenance center, Watch Central. As both our companies are based in New York City, it was a great fit for us to join forces to offer a complete experience for pre-owned watch buyers.

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As some of you may know, Phigora is an online marketplace specialized in pre-owned luxury watches that I founded with my partner, Mike Iskhakov. For a little more about our origin story, you can see this thread here. And now we’re happy to take the next step to evolve the business by partnering with Watch Central.

Watch Central was founded in 1998 by expert watchmaker Alex Vileshin after a successful 15-year career with Tourneau. With a team of watchmakers specialized in servicing and repairing luxury watches using only top-of-the-line equipment, Watch Central been the go-to watch maintenance center for countless repeat customers over the last two decades.

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So what does this new partnership mean? Well for one, if you purchase a pre-owned luxury watch from Phigora, you can rest easy knowing that each and every watch has been fully inspected to guarantee 100% authenticity and expertly serviced for optimal performance by Watch Central. In fact, Watch Central uses many of the same high-grade machinery and equipment found at the Swiss watch manufactures. Also, if you decide that you want to sell a watch that you’ve brought to Watch Central for servicing, they can easily arrange to make that happen with our team at Phigora.

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Although Watch Central and Phigora are both based in New York City, we are equipped to cater to anyone well beyond the city. At Phigora, we offer free shipping and returns worldwide and Watch Central provides a Ship-In Repair Process complete with a free estimate.

So whether you’re looking to buy or sell a pre-owned luxury watch or need to repair or service one of your prized timepieces, Phigora and Watch Central are at your service.

As always, if you find yourself in NYC please feel free to drop by for a visit!