wearing multiple watches

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  • I wear only 1 watch in public

    339 73.22%
  • I wear a watch on each wrist in public

    25 5.40%
  • I've considered wearing 2 or more watches in public

    29 6.26%
  • I wear only 1 watch in private

    144 31.10%
  • I wear 2 or more watches in private

    32 6.91%
  • I've considered wearing 2 or more watches in private

    23 4.97%
  • I smile when I see people wear 2 watches in public.

    54 11.66%
  • I've tried wearing 2 or more watches in public/private, but it wasn't for me

    7 1.51%
  • I do/would like to wear watches on my ankles. I need professional help

    8 1.73%
  • I wish I had more arms so I can wear more watches. I need professional help.

    21 4.54%
  • I need professional help, and it has nothing to do with watches.

    69 14.90%
  • I am clicking this box because the option exists.

    149 32.18%
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Thread: wearing multiple watches

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    wearing multiple watches

    You can choose more than one option. FREAKS.

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    Quote Originally Posted by DW-5600E View Post
    You can choose more than one option. FREAKS.

    Help me choose, for the vote:

    When I’m working in the yard (and know I’m not gonna’ bang my wrists against something hard), I’ll either: 1) wear two of three Citizen Eco-Drives on each wrist if the weather’s particularly sunny; or 2) an auto’-wind on each wrist if I haven’t worn either for a while.
    When I had more autos than I did winders (the former still not a lot; and at the time I had 0 winders anyways), I would wear my fav' model at the time and carry one auto in one front pocket of my pants and another in the other front pocket. Wearing, technically, yes, three watches at one time (time to call Ripley's?).

    Heh, ‘zat what you’re looking for?

    I don't know if this practice is necessarily in public or private. My place, private, I guess, but, can see in from the street. So, I dunno.

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    People really wear two at the same time??????

    Im sorry... thats just goofy. IMO of course.
    - Nick

    Cars or Watches... that is the question!

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    Sorry, but if I ever saw anyone, whether in private or in public, wearing more than one watch, I would immediately find them mentally suspicious.

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    I'll give some background as to why I posted this poll.

    A month or so ago, the Australian Open tennis tournament was taking place. And one of the players was Andy Roddick, whose coach is Jimmy Connors, a former world #1.

    Anyway, every time I saw Connors on television, he wore 2 watches - a small, round, steel watch on his right wrist, and a small, black resin watch on his left. He looked good for his age(50's/60's?) - had a nice tan, looked like he had a facial, enjoying the trappings of success, so I guess he was making some kind of statement by wearing the 2 watches.

    In the same week, I watched a weird movie called Donnie Darko, which starred Drew Barrymore(hubba bubba). In the movie, Barrymore plays an English teacher, who wore a steel watch on each wrist.

    I guess seeing people wearing 2 watches in real life, and in the movies in the same week got me intrigued.

    And then recently, I tried to wear 2 watches, 1 of which was a mechanical, which I didn't really want to wear(bored with it), but I didn't have a watch winder, so didn't want to have to reset the day/date. This didn't last long, because I just couldn't get used to wearing a watch on my non-watch wrist.

    I think watches are meant to be worn, so anyone can wear as many watches as they like, in public or private. It's completely harmless - why admire 1 when you can admire 2?

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    Quote Originally Posted by 04lund2025 View Post
    VERY NICE! :gold

    WX1: any watch you "wear" in your pockets is considered worn in private, because no one can see it, even if you're in public.

    If you put the watches in your pants pockets, there's not much motion to wind them, because they're too close to your centre of gravity? Do they get wound much?

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    , you have not lived until you've worn two watches in public. You guys should live it up a little.

    Just what are you saving up to be?

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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    I would never think to wear 2 watches at the same time. I agree with whomever said that if they saw someone in public with 2 watches on, I would question their state of mind.
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    Re: wearing multiple watches

    My only exception is when I go hiking I have wore a second watch. A G-Shock with a small compass clipped on the strap. This allows me to time hikes easy. Here is a pic of my hiking watch setup. Gsm

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