I have to buy car parts instead.

I took my baby (2002 Chevrolet Super Sport Camaro, 35th Anniversary car) to the dyno shop (measures your horsepower/torque) yesterday to finalize some tuning before I head to the race track. Found out my clutch is slipping real bad.... I lost 100hp across the board because of it. Lucklily for me (sarcasm) since my car is modified and making almost 600 horsepower to the wheels a new clutch that can take the beating is going to be about $1000.

On a good note... after the new clutch is in I get to go racing!!!! I havent been in a while because I was buttoning up the supercharger and fuel system I installed, hence the reason I went to the dyno shop. Almost time to pull some wheelies! (seriously.. it will)

Couple shots of my baby.....

Oh.. and.. at the shop during a BBQ/event they had.