What % of your collectionis actively worn?

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  • Each and every one of them!

    36 30.25%
  • About 75% get regular use.

    29 24.37%
  • Half see my wrist on.

    28 23.53%
  • 25% get used.

    14 11.76%
  • 2 or 3 max get used.

    8 6.72%
  • One and one only. I'm free of the addiction.

    4 3.36%

Thread: What % of your collectionis actively worn?

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    What % of your collectionis actively worn?

    I'm in the process of downsizing my modest collection in order to buy a "real/expensive" watch as my 40th is fast approaching (ok a year in August but I need time to save) and I was surprised at how few I actually wear 'cos I want to. The others do get worn but only because I've not had them on for a while and I feel that it's time that they are due some action. I had until recently about 18 or so watches but I reckon only 4 or 5 get worn regularly, another 4 occassionally and the others only when I feel guilty about not using them. Makes it easy to decide which ones to shift . I will get it down to 11 - the magic number! Then all will be used on a semi regular basis at least.

    So what % of your collection do you use on a regular/occassional/never basis. You got 365 watches and wear them once - that could be considered regular for this. What's your bias or have you reached stage 4?
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    Re: What % of your collectionis actively worn?

    I have a few I rotate and wear. mainly I'll keep 3 on the winders and one to wear for the day, and also leave a quartz in my car in case I forget to put on a watch when leaving the house. most of mine are never worn though. they are limited editions and as such require they stay untouched.

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    Re: What % of your collectionis actively worn?

    I wear all of them bar one and that's the gold Omega Megaquartz I bought, as it's in just too good a condition to be worn, as I'd be sure to bash it and ruin it's museum like condition.

    All the others get worn to some extent if only, like my 69 Speedmaster, once a month and then very carefully!
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    Cant be more than 25% for me

    No way :-D lol

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    Re: Cant be more than 25% for me

    All of them! I won't buy it if it's not going to be worn and enjoyed!

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    I wear all of them...

    I dont' use winders. When I rotate, I just pull them out and wind em up.


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    Re: What % of your collectionis actively worn?

    Quote Originally Posted by yamahaki View Post
    ....in case I forget to put on a watch when leaving the house
    I can't comprehend this statement. it would be more likely that I left the house without pants on. Each morning I check for my glasses, keys, phone, wallet and watch. I put them all on when I get dressed, and keep them by me until I get into bed.

    As for %, I am batting .555. I never where my pocket watches, but only about 4-5 of my 9 wrist watches see regular wrist time. My Omega, Fortis, and Carrera see about 80%, with one of my two quartz Victorinox's seeing my wrist about once a week. My Seiko Spirit might get a little more wrist time once I find a strap that really works well with me and the watch. Right now, I love the dial, but haven't found the perfect strap(s) yet. I can't remember the last time I wore one of the others. It kills me to say this, but I might sell them if I ever decide to acquire another watch.

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    Re: What % of your collectionis actively worn?

    I wear them all. Granted, my collection isn't as large as a lot of you guys but I rotate all of them.
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    What % of your collectionis actively worn?

    At one point I was up to about 20 watches as I tried to find out what I truly enjoyed. As time went by, I found that some were seldom (or never) being rotated, so they got sold off.

    I'm down to 11, and will continue the thinning process as I've still got a few that seldom get out. I find myself wearing the DOXA 750T most of the time, the Seiko 6309 on occasion, and the G, the Festina, and the 'Zilla coming out a few times a month.

    I figure I'll be down to about 6 or 8 by the time it's all said and done.

    It's a nice dream, isn't it?

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    Re: What % of your collectionis actively worn?

    Let's see, the Big 3 -- my Kobold, Rolex, and Panerai -- see the most action, followed by my Ikepod. After that, most of the watches stay in their drawer. In addition to the ones in my sig, I've got a bunch of vintage pocket watches and vintage dress watches (Elgin, Bulova, Benrus...).

    As such, I'd say that less than half of my collection sees serious wrist action.

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