What is the best polish available?

Thread: What is the best polish available?

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    What is the best polish available?

    After Iíve done all the tool work to the parts Iíve polished, I have been doing a final coat by hand with wenol. i've used wenol for years on my motorcycles to keep them clean etc etc...

    i know that Iím very partial to wenol, but what does everyone else use after the initial polish to shine/clean the metal?

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    Re: What is the best polish available?

    for the mirror finish on a watch, a rough cloth then a liquid polish called
    white diamond.I've used some others but the car finishing products seem to be better than the watch polishes that are availible.

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    Re: What is the best polish available?

    I've used Flitz, both the liquid and the somewhat more abrasive paste.
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    Re: What is the best polish available?

    The best stuff I have ever used is called "Bomb's Away". It's a liquid polish with sealers already in it. I bought it from a guy at bike week years ago. Now I just order it online from him. He's a local guy out of Naples, FL. electroplating supplies

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    Re: What is the best polish available?

    The link in rewan's post is a dud.. but try this


    and you'll be right there. However, I failed to find mention of Bomb's Away but that's because the site has a quirky organization and I just couldn't pick the right link. Help rewan!!
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