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    Might be a little too much color for ya but I think this Deep Blue Depthmaster is pretty cool. Plus it's always cool to have a watch rated for 10,000 ft. Not sure what you'd need it for, but just sayin

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    Re: What to Buy, What to Buy

    Thanks guys. Great suggestions. Doing a lot of reading on these. Keep'em coming.

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    Re: What to Buy, What to Buy

    Quote Originally Posted by ScubaDoo View Post
    Thanks. Yeah, I'm a little nervous about the size. I'm a big dude (about 6'4" 240), so it may look a tad small on me at 38-39.
    I'd wouldn't be concern about the size, the Alpinist is very easy to read, the "gold" hands have an excellent contrasts on the green dial.
    If you get one I have a bracelet for sale ! ;)

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    "A man with one watch knows what time it is, a man with two watches is never quite sure."

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    Re: What to Buy, What to Buy

    I highly suggest you consider the offerings from Lum Tec (pronounced LOOM-TEK).

    EXCELLENT watches from a company that sets the GOLD standard for customer service!

    Here ya go …. shop away!

    Lum Tec, LLC

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    Re: What to Buy, What to Buy

    Something German perhaps. I'd look at Tourby to start.
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    Re: What to Buy, What to Buy

    First congrats on the payoff. Trust me it's a very liberating feeling and a great milestone for your professional career.

    You clearly need a blue dialed piece, may I suggest the Mido Ocean Star Auto

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