what could be wrong with my Bulova?

Thread: what could be wrong with my Bulova?

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    what could be wrong with my Bulova?

    I have a problem with a much-loved Bulova Marine Star (c9671132) that's been my daily wearer for about 10 years now.
    It worked absolutely fine for years - but it ate batteries...one every 6 months or so. My watch repair guy who replaced my batteries all the time said that Bulova was aware of this problem with their movement, and said they had switched to a new movement a few years back that was much kinder to batteries. I told him to go ahead and replace the old movement and install the new movement - which he did for 50-odd dollars.
    I've gotten it back now...and it won't keep running consistently. It will sometimes stop 4 times in a day, and other times it will keep perfect time for 2-3 days. I've taken it back twice now, and the guy can't really find anything wrong. I've left it there for days and he says it never stopped...yet I take it home and it will stop 2 times before I get home...and then run perfectly for days on end. I'm sure he's frustrated, and I'm getting a tad ticked as well.
    The watch just needs a very light tap to restart.
    Any thoughts?
    I know NOTHING about the machinations of the modern watch - so I figured maybe some WIS out there has heard of something, or can suggest something - that way I have a list of things to ask my watch repair guy (who I'm sure wants to close up shop when he sees me walking down the street)

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    Re: what could be wrong with my Bulova?

    Is the battery loose inside the watch? I use timers at work, and sometimes after I changed out a dead battery, if I didn't put in the new battery properly, the battery loses contact with the timer sometimes, the digital display would go blank, and it would come back on after I knock it a bit.

    If your watch repair guy is not solving the problem for you, sounds like you could try to find another watchmaker who could. Reminds me of doctors who tell me there's nothing wrong with me when I know there's something wrong with me.

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    Re: what could be wrong with my Bulova?

    It may be that the new movement hangs up somewhere in its rotation. Keep an eye on where it stops to see if it is at the same point for any of the hands. I had this happen with an old wenger quartz watch.

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