What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?
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Thread: What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

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    What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    Attached is a pic of my (currently reduced) 4 watch collection. Iím feeling the diver itch, and looking for input. I am not sure Iím ready to drop the 11k for the new SeaDweller, and Iíve set my budget at around 3k. So how would you spend it on a diver or divers?

    Currently considering a Longines Legends Diver and something like an older Omega SMP 2531.80 for a combo. But the newer SMPc, a Tudor BB Red, or older PO are in the mix too.
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    Re: What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    I flipped the Black Bay Red for being too top heavy.

    i replaced it with the 2-liner Tudor Pelagos...which in my opinion is a wonderful dive watch, with a brilliant bracelet.
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    Re: What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    I would get the Oris movember special edition. It has true vintage looks but has not been messed about with with fake aged lume.Half your budget and a classic design.


    What i already have, the Omega SMP c 2599.80 a watch that has it all including pushers you can use underwater.

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    It may be a bit of a stretch to 3k budget but maybe I could add an IWC Aquatimer to the list for consideration???

    The Pelagos is nice, I just canít get there on the square indices.

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    Re: What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    SMPc or Sinn U1
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    Re: What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    these, amongst others

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    SMPc, Pelagos and the terribly underage Oris Aquis are all worth consideration. The Black Bay looks great but I'm too rough on my watches to not have a ceramic bezel.
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    Re: What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    I'm biased as an owner... but SMP2531.80 model of Omega SMP is just a pleasure to wear, super slim, and goes from beach to boardroom (literally).

    Obviously there are plenty of other choices from Tudor to Oris to B&R to Sinn. But it's the old SMP wave dial that has kept my attention for over a decade now

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    What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    Have been facing the same dilemma recently after I lost my SMP quartz with the wave dial. Thought that it would be an easy call for me and I would just upgrade to ceramic bezel SMP since I found my old SMP the most comfortable diver and just loved it. When I tried the watch I found that the date wheel was so much mismatched with the laquered dial that it made the whole watch look cheap. The effect was even worse with the blue dial. Ultimately I sattled with the Tudor Heritage Black Bay and although not as comfortable as SMP I really enjoy its looks and am fond of its optional fabrique strap.

    Personally I do not think that in this price range there is a better diver than SMP or Tudor BB

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    Re: What diver (or divers) would you get on a 3k budget?

    Tudor Black bay.
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