what to do: Zodiac & Mido from dad

Thread: what to do: Zodiac & Mido from dad

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    what to do: Zodiac & Mido from dad

    My father passed away in February and these were his from the early 1960's and perhaps late 50's. Just a guess really. Neither work. One may have belonged to his father or grandfather. The Mido Multifort Super Automatic may date to the 1930's if I remember right.
    I'd like a little more info on them plus if someone has worked on these before what expenses I might be looking at. I'll not part with them but I don't like having broken watches or anything just laying around. I might wear the Zodiac from time to time as well.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: what to do: Zodiac & Mido from dad

    First of all condolences on the passing of your father.

    With regard to both watches you won't know anything until a watchmaker gets under the hood.

    But to dump a fair amount of money into them just to get them working is something only you can answer.

    They both look rough to me.
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    Re: what to do: Zodiac & Mido from dad

    Thanks Chris. My dad was rough on about every watch he owned. There is a box full of beat up cheap quartz watches dating from the 70's until he retired. broken bracelets, straps, crystals. He worked with his hands and was not gentle!

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    Re: what to do: Zodiac & Mido from dad

    I'm sorry for your loss. I would be surprised if the watches had any real monetary value, but belonging to your late father would make them priceless to me.

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    Re: what to do: Zodiac & Mido from dad

    My condolences as well.

    Definitely two different era's there. The Mido is likely your grandfather's/great grandfather's watch. So I think we have two separate scenarios to deal with.

    I've always thought that I would dump whatever it took to get a watch that my dad wore running. And your dad wore that Zodiac - quite a bit from the looks of it! That being the case, I would certainly whip out the card and have it cleaned up, serviced, new crystal-ed, and a nice strap. i think it is certainly a "wearable watch", maybe a little small but OK and that dial is very readable.

    The Mido is possibly in a different boat. It's small, maybe too small for you to feel like wearing. And the dial borders on what most people would wear as well. And we don't know who wore it. If you were very close to ol' granpa then it may be worth it to you to take the plunge - but would you wear it? I doubt it, so it becomes a question of whether you want to spend a few hundred just so it runs. There are a few other possibilities though. It would make a nice watch for a woman who likes more petite watches. So if you're married or have a female relative who may wish to have a memento of the old guy then the question is simply one of how far do you go. A redial and full polish might be in order if the woman recipient is not a vintage watch lover but at least it would get worn and would keep it 'in the family'.

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