What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?
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Thread: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

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    What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    I've bought watches from AD's, GD's, the Bay, from Japanese dealers, etc. Only on this site do I see a sales forum with so many people saying they don't want "low ball" bids. So my question is: what exactly is a low ball bid? I had occasion recently to bid 80% of asking price on a watch on the Sales Forum, only to receive from the seller a lecture about low ball bids. I don't think 80% of asking price is a low ball bid, and instead of a lecture I should have received a thank you and a counter-offer. Incidentally, many weeks later the watch is still for sale. So what say you- is there some accepted definition for "low ball"?

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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?


    Private sellers are not a dis-interested 3rd party in a financial transaction. I would suspect, however, that most sellers have done their homework and feel like they're pricing their stuff appropriately. Lecturing is probably less appropriate than a "sorry, that's not a high enough offer to consider (with or without counter)," but every seller is different.

    It's also a matter of degrees. If you offered $80 on a $100 watch, the reaction is likely to be different from offering $800 on a $1000 watch.

    Having sold stuff, the expectation of haggling is there, and haggling can be frustrating. I've had offers at ~60% of list. I don't appreciate those all that much, but it's not worth throwing a fit. If the seller is actually motivated, you should see signs-- constant bumps, constant price drops without holding, etc.
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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    80% of ask is a fine bid. The seller can accept or politely refuse. I think of a low ball as being below the wholesale value of a product. That can range from "getthefugouttahere" low to "I'll think about it if this POS isn't sold in a week."

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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    It all depends on what market price is for that piece. If you bid 20% below market I would consider that on the low ball end. If the piece is overpriced to begin with then that would not be a low ball offer.

    How I deal with low ball offers is to simply turn them down and not counteroffer (I simply say you for the offer). If the buyer is still interested in the watch they make a more reasonable offer and negotiations can begin. There is never a reason to lecture anyone.
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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    There's no exact definition of what constitutes a low-ball offer. As has been said, it all depends on how the watch is priced against the market.
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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    What constitutes a low-ball offer is in the eye of the seller as well as market forces on a particular watch.
    A quick story – I have an AD near my house that I visit frequently. I try to negotiate with them on watches, but they don’t move on price much. They know I’m a buyer. They’ve seen loads of expensive watches on my wrist. But they won’t move.
    Last time I was in I was negotiating for an Omega and made an offer. They turned it down, said I was crazy, and lectured me on low-balling. Zero counter-offer. Within days I found another AD that was all to happy to make the deal I offered. The next week I went in the AD near my house with that Omega on and they were floored. I told them that what they thought was a low-ball offer was actually the market price. I don’t think they like me anymore. But that’s reality.

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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    To me a reasonable offer would be about 10% below market and a reasonable sale listing of 10% above market value.

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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    75% of the buyers on the forums/watchrecon EXPECT to pay less than the asking price and in response to this thinking , sellers price their pieces with negotiations in mind ...thus the $800 offer on the $1000 price should settle at $900 making everyone happy........ While we are on the pricing subject as a buyer do you take sale/coupon prices into account when figuring value of prospective purchase ? For example the sales at Ashford on the Jean Richards ....is it a $1000 piece or a $600 piece listed at $850 ?

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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    I definitely price items with the expectation of haggling. With that in mind, 10-20% of the list price seems reasonable. I do feel irritated when I get offered 30-40℅ of the list price but can't be bothered lecturing anyone!

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    Re: What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?

    When I have priced a watch I wave asked for 5% or so less than the average going price (market price) of that watch.

    Most sellers here locally jack up the price so much that I havent had an issue selling a watch.

    To me a lowball offer is one that is 15-20% below the fair market price of the watch.

    I recently sold an apple iphone 6s mint in sealed box 128gb with all the bells and whistles. The list price was 849... U can get them new here or there for 765... I asked for 700... I got an offer of 400. Thats a low ball offer.

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