What information are retailers required to reveal?

Thread: What information are retailers required to reveal?

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    What information are retailers required to reveal?

    Suppose I want to buy a watch, be it online or a brick and mortar retailer, what kind of information can I reasonably ask of the retailers regarding the watch?

    Specifically, I would like to know when the watch was manufactured and how long has it been on display or in the warehouse storage since this might provide an indication as to when a next servicing might be required. I went to a local shop over the weekend and the salesperson said he does not have such records and added that it's very unusual even if there was such information available, to reveal that to the customer. He kept talking about how I'll be safe with the warranty coverage and that the information I seek is quite irrelevant. I was not particularly convinced to say the least.

    When you watch affacionados talk about servicing after 3-7 years, do you start counting down from:
    A) the day of purchase
    B) the day of manufacture
    C) the day the warranty expires

    It is my understanding that 99% of all retailers will sell you the watch without any form of final in-store inspection or servicing, even for pieces that have been on display for more than 3 years. How can consumers protect themselves?

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    Re: What information are retailers required to reveal?

    Date of purchase.

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