What kind of Timex watch is this?

Thread: What kind of Timex watch is this?

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    What kind of Timex watch is this?

    I am apart of this Facebook watch exchange group and someone posted this gold, red-faced Timex watch up for sale not knowing much info about it. It doesn't work and most likely needs a battery, but what kind of Timex watch does this look like? Would it be worth picking up?
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    Re: What kind of Timex watch is this?

    It's an LED watch from the 70's. I'd be impressed if it fires up with a new battery. Looks pretty sweat-rotted. I wonder, if that case-back were removed, would it snap back on? Also I wonder what it looks like inside? How long has the dead battery been in it? Decades? my guess is that the inside resembles the outside rot. I'd take a chance for maybe a dollar. Post back?
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    Re: What kind of Timex watch is this?

    Yes, it is as J.D.B. indicated. It is also gold plated and not gold. There is an excellent chance it won't fire up with a new battery because of corroded contacts and connections. Those watches can usually be brought back to life with a complete dis-assembly, cleaning and possibly some re-soldering. The led watch was replaced by the lcd watch for two reasons. The led display used a lot of energy so battery life could be 1.5 years or less. To conserve energy the led display remains off until a button is pushed.

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    Re: What kind of Timex watch is this?

    This watch looks pretty small and beat up

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