What product do you use to remove scratches???

Thread: What product do you use to remove scratches???

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    What product do you use to remove scratches???

    Hair line scratches or scuffs, what do you use to remove them from titanium cases or steel cases?
    Have you heard of SIMICHROME POLISH ? I do use to remove stains or scratches from my Titanium bikes and works well. Should I try?
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    Re: What product do you use to remove scratches???

    It depends on the surface you are dealing with. Is it brushed or polished?

    IME, for polished finishes, Cape Cod or Sunshine polishing cloths work the best. I"ve tried using jeweler's rouge, aluminum polish, chrome polish, and they all don't produce as good of a shine.

    For brushed finishes, there are many ways to remove light scuffs and scratches...
    I would definately not use a polishing liquid like Simichrome on brushed finishes since they will gradually polish away the brush lines.

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    Re: What product do you use to remove scratches???

    I remember reading on one of the threads that the CC cloth produced some scratches on highly polished surfaces. Is this still recommended over a Dremel with rouge?
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    Re: What product do you use to remove scratches???

    I use the Cape Cod polishing cloths on highly polished SS, and have had no problems with them causeing scratches. For swirls and scratches that are a little deeper I start with Maas metal polish. It's very creamy and smooth and with a micro fiber cloth will really bring a shine back. Then I finish off with the Cape Cod cloth. It really works well.

    Be very careful though if the finish is brushed, you'll lose that in a hurry.

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    Re: What product do you use to remove scratches???

    steel cases? you need to give more info than that. it depends on if the finish is brushed or polished.

    btw... i usually use the search function

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    Re: What product do you use to remove scratches???

    For brushed stainless steel I have used WatchBandRenew many times to remove fairly substantial scratches. In fact it has removed scratches I thought unrepairable without shipping the watch to IWW or somewhere for a complete refinish. I recommend the full kit to be found here:


    For titanium scratches that aren't too bad I'm told an ink eraser works nicely. For polishing stainless I use a Cape Cod cloth.
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    Re: What product do you use to remove scratches???

    For brushed finishes a Scotch Brite scrub pad works well, you just need to scrub lightly in the same direction as the existing brush marks. On polished surfaces I use a Dremel and a couple of different grades of rouge to polish out heavier scratches and then Cape Cod cloths to finish it off.

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