What size is your wrist?

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  • Less than 5.50"

    1 0.56%
  • 5.75"

    1 0.56%
  • 6.00"

    6 3.33%
  • 6.25"

    15 8.33%
  • 6.50"

    21 11.67%
  • 6.75"

    30 16.67%
  • 7.00"

    32 17.78%
  • 7.25"

    23 12.78%
  • 7.50"

    17 9.44%
  • 7.75"

    10 5.56%
  • 8.00"

    7 3.89%
  • 8.25"

    9 5.00%
  • 8.50"

    6 3.33%
  • 8.75"

    0 0%
  • 9.00" or Greater

    2 1.11%

Thread: What size is your wrist?

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    What size is your wrist?

    Well, while pondering watch selections and sizes and wrist size, I wanted to see what the average is around here.

    I just measured my wrist and it's 7.64 inches round. I've never had a watch bigger than 39mm or so, but have a 44mm and am contemplating a 47mm. I was actually quite surprised that my wrist seemed to measure that big relatively to my size.

    If you vote, please feel free to post a reply with your voted size, and what size watch you comfortably wear on a regular basis.

    Round up when appropriate.

    Metric conversion below

    Less than 5.50" = 14cm
    5.75" = 14.6cm
    6.00" = 15.2cm
    6.25" = 15.9cm
    6.50" = 16.5cm
    6.75" = 17.1cm
    7.00" = 17.8cm
    7.25" = 18.4cm
    7.50" = 19.1cm
    7.75" = 19.7cm
    8.00" = 20.3cm
    8.25" = 21.0cm
    8.50" = 21.6cm
    8.75" = 22.2cm
    9.00" or Greater = ~22.9cm
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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    If someone posts 9" or greater .......We need pics
    I think I am fairly average at 7.5"
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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    anything over 8 inches makes finding straps painful
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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    Is wrist size set in stone? I just had surgery on my left arm for an entrapped ulnar nerve and never measured my wrist prior to. Going to start working out a bit more to build some strength back up ( not like I was a gymaholic prior to my surgery ) -- but I am wondering if wrist sizes can get larger if one works out?

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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie View Post
    anything over 8 inches makes finding straps painful
    Take it from me - 8in makes finding straps and bracelets difficult.
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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    I have a 6 inch wrist

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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    Help....I'm a big guy trapped in a little guy's body.....6.75" wrist...maybe a hair or three more if I'm hot, sweaty & puffy....a pretty picture, no!
    A lot of watches I see that I like, 44mm & up are way too big for me....I suffer from wrist envy!

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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    I have a 7.25 inch wrist. A 42mm watch looks decent sized on my wrist. Not too small, not obnoxiously large either. So I am thinking to go a bit larger on my next purchase. Do u think i'd be able to pull of a Panerai?
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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    I'm at 6.65, so I voted 6.75 as it was closest.

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    Re: What size is your wrist?

    5 1/4 inch wrist. The speedy Schumacher fits just right.

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