What things do you hate on watch videos?
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Thread: What things do you hate on watch videos?

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    What things do you hate on watch videos?

    I am so glad we live in an age where we can watch videos about items we may be interested in.
    However, some videos are better than others and certain things bother me when watching a video about a watch.

    Things I hate:
    • Fidgeting with the watch. Just hold the thing still for crying out loud. Show some different angles long enough for us to get the idea.
    • Watch hands left in front of key features and/or graphics. Don’t tell me about a feature that is stuck behind a minute hand and say something like “ You probably can’t see this very well because it is covered by the hand”. Well, you are correct you moron! Move the hands before you start the video! Hands at 10:10 would be a good start in most cases.

    What about you? Is there anything you dislike about watch videos? Anything you really appreciate?

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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    Just about everything--either very slick, since they are essentially a dealer's promo/ad, or very crude and offer little beyond what's listed the specifications sheet--haven't seen a good one yet.
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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    Watches that are vintage, rare, expensive. I don't care about your ego, don't be pretentious, the watch needs to be available, without having to be Indiana Jones or Laura Croft or Bilbo Baggins just to find it, we all know that most people will never spend 1000.00usd on a watch, if they do chances are they won't do so because of a YouTube video. Keep it real. Have the watch in hand, anyone can Google a photo. Know how to make a video, hold the watch still, that's about it, sorry if I ranted a bit... But you asked

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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    What do I hate? Ten minutes of two hands fiddling with a watch above a desk, telling me what color dial it has (I can see that) or what brand it is (I can read).

    Basically, videos that should either be podcasts or Medium posts. Use the visual capabilities of video to show me something to LOOK at.

    - Poor focus
    - Autofocus
    - Caffeine jitters
    - Flat lighting
    - Portrait mode (a retailer... retailer!... did this recently, and the watches themselves were about the visual size of a postage stamp, even on my 13” laptop)
    - Low resolution
    - “Watch the seconds hand glide,” *wiggles the watch around*
    - Ten minutes of watching the guy talk into the camera, edited around 90 seconds of seeing the watch. IDGAF who you are, I clicked in to look at a watch.
    - Only talking about a watch while sticking stock photos in the corner of the screen

    Should I post examples? Is it kosher to name n’ shame them here on WUS?
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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    Yup, I feel your pain.

    It’s frustrating when there is only one or two videos about a certain watch and both are bad.

    Another bullet point:
    I don’t want to see your McMansion or crummy apartment room as the main focus. If I wanted to see that, I would search for “nasty unkept rooms” on YouTube.

    Show me the watch please. That is what I came here for.
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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    Pet peaves;

    - not measuring/mentioning the length,width and height of the watch. And the lug width. It helps the viewers when a reviewer measures the watch instead of relying on the manufacturing specs. Boatswain review of the Zelos Mako II (on WUS) should be the template for all reviewers.

    - can barely hear the reviewer.
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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    I hate videos that are too long, where the presenter just goes on and on about... I don't even know what. Kepp it short, keep it tight, keep it focused on what you're talking about. I also don't like when they are light on any actual information that someone reading the product sheet wouldn't already know. What's the point??
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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    i hate reviewers that record themselves.... none of you ugly, creepy weirdos are photogenic, just review and record the watch on a table, preferably in a white light box without you touching it and practice what you're gonna say. bunch of idiots misquoting sizes, materials, movements and even history. take the responsibility seriously or just don't do the review.
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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    Poor video quality and where it's just the host on the camera talking about watches.


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    Re: What things do you hate on watch videos?

    Sponsored videos Usually by a kickstarter brand or watch strap brand

    When the title of the video is in English but not the actual video


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