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    Question What watch to buy

    I need a watch under $500, something that lasts for a long time and something that i will be able to sell at a good price in 5 years.

    I don't care about time accuracy ... in fact, if +/- 10 per month or per year doesn't make a difference for me.

    I roughly measured my wrist but not sure how accurate it is. I wrapped my chain/necklace around my wrist, and it came to 6.25". The PERFECT size for me was my previous watch, which unfortunately was stolen from me and NO ONE on this forum or anywhere on internet is able to tell me the model of the watch and the size. For more on this, PLEASE PLEASE see the pictures and thread here: https://forums.watchuseek.com/showthr...hlight=nautica
    That watch in the link above is also what I like (design).

    To get more of an idea of what I like, here's some that I'm fond of:
    Tissot t-ring T97148351 (Ballade III Automatic) ==> THE BEST LOOKING WATCH in this price range IMHO
    Tissot SeaStar
    Tissot V8
    Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualandwatch
    The Citizen Nighthawks, although not will all those #s.

    I like the t-touch Tissots, i find the extra gimmicks cool but they're not waterproofed well.

    Oh yes, waterproof. i don't want to take it off in the pool or shower or ocean. I dive a lot BUT I have a cheap casio g-shock for that. But I want it to be AT LEAST 100m waterproof.

    Stainless steel, and sturdy.

    What else?

    EDIT: And since I tend to bump my watches to the door/wall at least 20 times a year, then something sturdy ... oh wait, I already mentioned that!
    Something that I can wear all-around: with my suit, at a party, etc. You know, casual and chic.

    EDIT 2: And I'm a simple man, so I don't want it to be TOO colorful, or with BIG ORANGE hands.

    EDIT 3: It would be nice to see things at night. I hate it when I can't tell the time because it's too dark, either under the water or on land!
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    Re: What watch to buy

    Tissot is always a good choice. You already narrowed it down to some Tissot watches so gor for the one you like best. I can´t tell if they will sell for a "good price" in 5 years (btw: what is a good price in 5 years ). Imho only high-end watches will sell for good prices after a long-term-period such as Patek, Rolex, Vacheron, Blancpain. Even some Sinn sell good on the 2nd hand market but you can´t get them for less then 500 bucks.

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    Re: What watch to buy

    watchseller.com currently has a slightly used blue Oris diver for $590. Oris, imo, makes a great quality watch for the price. You shouldn't see that diminishing in value in the next few years, but you won't see it go up either.

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    Re: What watch to buy

    Check out the Marcello C Nettuno 3 sub-style divers. I could have sworn that i saw one for sale on here this morning, but cannot find the ad -- he wanted US$350.

    There is also a new special edition for sale on here that can be found by searching under "nettuno".

    I have one and they are well made, can take a beating and they look good (in my opinion, anyway). I am not much for wearing a diver with a suit, but this one is subtle enough that I've done it and it doesn't look too bad.

    (For the record, I don't know either person selling these watches....)

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