What watch created the madness
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Thread: What watch created the madness

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    What watch created the madness

    I am sure this topic has been introduced and covered before, but lets do it again.

    What watch inspired your want/need to start your collecting/collection?

    For me its the Rolex Daytona. Although too small for my 8in wrist, it has me in love with chronographs in general.

    On a secondary note, what or who started the spark for your love for these timepieces?

    I can remember my dad having many watches over the years, from Seiko to Rolex. The one that sticks oyt rhe most was when he got his Skelton Swatch though. I thought it was the coolest thing, I think that is what sparked it for me!

    Let's hear it from you.Name:  00pp-rolex-daytona-watch-in-gold-and-stainless-steel-ref-16523-circa-1996.jpeg
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    What watch created the madness

    The pre-ceramic wave dial SMP actually. Guy I worked with had one and I loved it. Passed on a chance to buy it a couple years later for $1000, couldn’t afford it at the time. That one hurt. Kinda got distracted by other stuff along the way, but finally consolidated a good bit of unnecessary pieces and picked one up. Such a versatile watch, I love it.

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    Re: What watch created the madness

    A Submariner, and a fake one of all things. Up to about age 15, I thought a Seiko sold at Macy's was a luxury watch, and Rolex was basically the best of all wristwatches, something only really rich people wore. A friend of mine wore a fake Submariner (didn't realize until later it was a fake), and I had no idea Rolex made watches that didn't look like a Datejust or a Presidential. He was a budding WIS who's parents would not buy him a real Rolex. But he showed me his dad's very real Comex Submariner. And he also told me about brands above Rolex, like Patek. But the Submariner was the one that really caught my attention. Got me really deep into the hobby (I had always liked watches, but just Casios and things like that), and it became my grail.

    2 other watches deserver honorable mention. After my friend introduced me to the Submariner, I started paying more attention to luxury watches. We were all James Bond fans, so the Omega SMP of the mid-late 90s was another watch I aspired to own. And another good friend of mine wore a Cartier Santos given to him by his father. Another watch I thought was terrific.

    Sometimes I wistfully think a 3 watch collection of a Sub, SMP, and Santos would be quite interesting to me.

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    Re: What watch created the madness

    An olde answer, my Lucien Piccard.
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    Re: What watch created the madness

    Not a watch but this website but before this I had a Citizen Blue Angels that I was looking to sell and found this website and sold it.
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    Re: What watch created the madness

    The ugly yet beautiful Seiko Monster
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    Re: What watch created the madness

    same for me. The orange monster.
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    Re: What watch created the madness

    A Tissot Couturier (non Chrono version), which was the first “serious” watch I got for myself.
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    Re: What watch created the madness

    Heuer racing stopwatches and a Memosail 7757 startimer, my HS grad gift, long ago

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    Re: What watch created the madness

    It will sound cheesy, but for me it was the Apple Watch.
    All of my friends and most people I knew who had never worn a watch began wearing either this or a fit bit.
    It began to pique my curiosity, but it was a first generation product which I knew would be surpassed by a version 3 or 4.

    (Not my pic)

    While I was thinking about this watch I also thought about older watches too including the ones with fancy mechanical movements.
    Out of curiosity/confusion (mostly confusion) I began looking online if it was even possible to own a mechanical watch for the price of an Apple Watch.
    That search led me to this forum and then it all started to go all down hill from here...
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