What watch did it for you?
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Thread: What watch did it for you?

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    What watch did it for you?

    Curious on what watch purchase solidified your love for timepieces. That moment when the watch arrived or you made the purchase in store and said to yourself "Yep, I'm addicted."

    For me it was the Oris Aquis Diver Date in Blue.

    Before you WUS old timers unleash the dogs because this thread idea has been done before I would submit to you that I didn't see it, didn't look too hard, and if I found it there would probably be 100s of pages dating back to the Bush Administration. Enjoy the reboot.
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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    Not sure why a particular watch would be necessary to trigger an interest in watches in general--nothing specific for me.

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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    I’ll bite. Omega PO 2500. Still have it and love it.

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    Laughing Re: What watch did it for you?

    "Bush", more like Eisenhower, my first jeweled watch, Moncare.
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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    Seeing pictures of this got it stuck in my head. I drooled over it and then splurged on it. As soon as I got it I had a feeling this was the beginning of something beautiful and terrible.

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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    Don't laugh, but it was a cheap rose gold-colored Fossil. Pretty sure the moonphase complication was fake, never got around to testing/caring. It was also my first non-quartz piece. Somehow, I went from that to spending $20k with DavidSW for a Daytona... and I fear this isn't even my final form.

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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    Seiko Bell-matic

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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    This one opened the flood gates for me . . .
    Attached Images Attached Images

    A.Lange & Sohne * Audemars Piguet * Blancpain * Cartier * Dornblueth & Sohne * Invicta * Jaeger-LeCoultre * Meraud * Rolex * Revolution Watch Company * Tiffany & Company * Tudor

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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    Oris Big Crown Propilot. Saw one in an advertisement in Men’s Health and I knew I wanted a quality watch.

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    Re: What watch did it for you?

    Damasko DC66 for me

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