What watch goes well with jeans?
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Thread: What watch goes well with jeans?

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    What watch goes well with jeans?

    Apart from that omega Jean watch. Urgh

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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    Any vintage work watch, field watch, diver, etc. on distressed leather.

    With blue denim

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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    Contemporary time only dress watches don’t go well with jeans. Think a Saxonia or a calatrava.

    Other than that I think just about any watch goes with jeans.
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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    Any watch honestly.
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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    I think it would have been easier to ask "what watch doesn't go well with jeans". Just about any watch YOU like will go well with jeans.
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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    Jeans aren't the problem. Shirt & shoes are more important when picking the watch, IMO. Jeans and a tank top -- no Saxonia. Jeans and an oxford shirt -- Saxonia. So on and so forth.
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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    All of 'em. Big, small, new, vintage, pocket. You just missed a thread about denim-themed watches, though.


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    What watch goes well with jeans?

    I’d say very formal dress pieces are really the only ones that DONT go with jeans. I’m in jeans most days when the weather is below 80 degrees and wear all of my watches.

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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    Dude, you’re looking at this bass ackwards. We’re watch geeks. It’s never about matching a watch to the clothes....it’s about matching the clothes to the watch.

    But seriously, I tend to agree with what’s been said. I’d also add that the strap plays a big role. I think shiny black leather/croc/formal straps look a bit off with jeans, but again...a lot has to do with what else is being worn with the jeans (shoes, belt, jacket etc).
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    Re: What watch goes well with jeans?

    Tudor Heritage Ranger?
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