What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?
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Thread: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

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    What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    What watches do you guys (& gals) think would be much better if they didn't have a date function?

    When the date function is placed the 4 and 5 indices/numerals, it just looks off. It also doesn't help that the date wheel doesn't match the dial.

    I feel the Overseas is a culprit of this. Watch would be 100x better without that date.

    Sometimes the date function works in place of the 3 o'clock place to balance off the 9 o'clock index but when it comes to classic, it just ruins it.

    Prime example is the Longines Divers Legend, I know there is a no-date version too but this one doesn't even really balance it off with the 9 marker.

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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    The Sub is the obvious one - the no-date original is much better balanced.
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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    Nomos. Speedmaster. Divers. Any "classical" dress watch.
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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    I like the non date Panerai and Nomos models best.

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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    Anything and everything that has a 'wonky' date window.
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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    The Christopher Ward C-60 is one, and the little gold print on my BVlGARI is so hard to read!
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    It's at the three position.
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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    Pretty much most watches in my opinion, unless they are done in a more imaginative way than the traditional window. Still prefer not to have to set the date though..
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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    I am conflicted about this, although I hate to set the date (I rotate daily) often I miss the date on a watch especially when I wore a date model the day before.

    As for watches that would be better, I hate the date on all my Rolex watches with a cyclops, it screws up the balance of the entire watch not just the dial. In general I do not mind dates at 4-5 as much as many since it allows it to be read easily at the angle my arm is most often at. For example when typing it just requires a rotation of the wrist to be at the correct angle to read and requires less rotation than a date at 3. One of the ones I really don't like that I own is the Ploprof 1200m the date is very small and I actually have to LOOK at it. I also dislike date subdials which are usually impossible to read at a glance. I know many dislike the VC Overseas date but I actually like mine, I have the white dial and like the way it is shaped and designed to set between the indices and it is very legible. It is clear when you actually examine one they really took some time and care with the date treatment.
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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?

    I enjoy watches with no date as well as a date at 12:00, 3:00, 4:30, 6:00 and 9:00. Whether the date looks good or is out of place really depends on how the manufacturer integrates date and dial. What I think clutters the dial is the creeping date window. As watch cases get bigger some watch manufacturers opt for a less expensive standard size movement that pushes the date window out toward dial center.

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    Re: What Watches are Better w/o a Date Function?


    Prefer without the date due to the Cyclops.
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