What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

View Poll Results: Which one for my Twentieth High School Reunion?

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  • Stowa Antea KS

    6 13.64%
  • Ball Fireman Victory

    11 25.00%
  • Rolex Datejust

    28 63.64%
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Thread: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

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    What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    The occasion is business casual.
    Sorry I don't have photos of what I'll be wearing, but will be khakis, a reddish checked shirt and grey vest.

    I've narrowed it down to these choices:

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    Stowa Antea KS - Very formal and very hard lines.

    Name:  date.jpg
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    Vintage Rolex Datejust on a new shell cordovan strap - The name that everyone knows.

    Name:  image.jpg
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    Ball Firemany Victory - A deep black and the largest of the three.

    All three of these hold special places in my heart and collection, and for a myriad of reasons. I'd be happy and comfortable wearing any of the three, but I am interested to see what my fellow WUS would choose and why.
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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    The Rolex. People know what Rolex is. You may get more "oh what is that?" with the other two, but you're also likely to get a "oh, well let's talk about . . . ." given most people don't really care about a watch.

    Of course, if you REALLY want to make an impression, how about JUST wearing a watch? I think they'll notice the watch more, among other things . . .
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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    Somewhere in the distant past I had my 20 twentieth.

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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    Personally, digging the Ball. And it makes for a great conversation starter: "So, what have you been up to *insert name"? Oh, just collecting Ball(s) . . ."
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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    The answer is as obvious as the Rolex on your wrist......
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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    Watch answer: Any of the three is a great choice, though don't expect your choice to get a second glance.
    Philosophical answer: If you were under the radar in high school, wear confidence. If you were a douche, then humility.

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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    My first response was "anything but the Rolex." But, your Datejust is quite understated, and it won't look like you're showing off. So...any of the three will work just fine. As an aside, that Ball looks great.
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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    Datejust. But I'd replace that strap with a black gator or something a tad dressier, that brown one just doesn't 'showcase' the watch, as a strap should.
    Why? Well, the Stowa is a bit too dressy, and the Ball is a bit blingy - but the Rollie is "just right".
    And to be honest with you, EVERYBODY recognizes Rolex. Much as we (OK, me and one other person who I forgot) joke about using them as a status symbol, they are. And this may be the last time you get to show ;
    1) hot blonde who dumped you that she should of hung on to you (instead of marrying.....)
    2) the football player who stuck you upside down in a trashcan that you've "made it" (be nice and ask him how he like's working at Wal-Mart)
    3) the hot brunette who dumped you because she thought you studied too much (and is still living with one of...)
    4) the guys STILL wearing dirty Nirvana t-shirts that it's time to grow up and act like an adult
    5) your little brother that even though you repeated a few years and you graduated together, that you've got all the class in the family!

    Seriously though, the Rolex is a symbol of success - more so than more expensive watches for some reason - wearing one shows success, and wearing one not on a Jubilee bracelet shows restraint and coolness. It's kinda like saying " Oh, this old watch? just something I threw on."

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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    If you haven't kept in touch with anybody, it's time to show off - which to me, means either the Rolex or the Ball. And even if you have kept in touch with people... it's still time to show off.

    Pick the Rolex if:
    - Brand names mattered in your school
    - Hipster chic is in (vintage, yo)
    - Your school's in an "old money" town (could pass itself off as a family heirloom)

    Pick the Ball if:
    - Bling is in - an older, smaller Rolex won't attract attention like a bigger, shinier Ball.
    - New matters more than brand, not that Ball is a bad brand, but it isn't Rolex
    - Darkened venue. If it's in the school gym, probably not. If it's in a local bar or restaurant, it might give the tritium some time to shine

    Given that you're going in casual, I'd avoid the Stowa - I have one, and despite it being biggish on my wrist, it's still relatively discreet.
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    Re: What to wear to my Twentieth High School Reunion?

    Love the Ball but come on, when you are at a reunion you want to tell people you MADE IT...............that mean a Rolex or better yet Tag, most people know Tag as a luxury brand.

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