What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?
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Thread: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

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    What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    @@@ What is YOUR OWN PERSONAL defination of:

    1/ Boring/Too Plain looking watch

    2/ Perfectly attractive (So symmestric that do not need to add or remove anything)

    3/ Too much/Too Busy

    I think different people will consider Boring/Attractive/Busy verry differently,as they are 3 level of a watch.
    How little is too little and how much is too much? I wanna see your preferences... 3 or more Photos needed ( You can/should keep it to 1 example/1category only)

    For me I will try many so that people can understand what I mean ;)
    1/ Boring/ underwhelmed ( I know it may trigger someone with the legendary sarb033
    Name:  longines-la-grande-classique-white-dial-ladies-watch-l47091912.jpg
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    2/ Pefectly Attractive
    Name:  61iFjl5qxwL._UX342_.jpg
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Size:  12.7 KBName:  17920029_1_640.jpg
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    Name:  ALS-lange-1-11.jpg
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Size:  91.3 KB

    3/ Too busy/too much (Definitely this Breiling and suprisely this Patek...)
    Name:  breitling-navitimer-1461-chronograph-automatic-black-dial-mens-watch-a1937012ba57-a1937012ba57-4.jpg
Views: 48
Size:  76.9 KBName:  patek-philippe-grand-complications-automatic-men_s-watch-5496p-015.jpg
Views: 46
Size:  128.4 KBName:  maxresdefault.jpg
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    EXCEPTION: Still some thing exception, very much yet very beautiful...
    Name:  patek-philippe-grand-complications-silver-dial-18k-white-gold-mens-watch-5270g013.jpg
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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    Are you looking for a definition or examples?

    You posted photo examples despite saying definition, which I think makes sense, since any attempt to define it will be hollow since it is so completely subjective. For instance words like "busy" - which I assume people, including me, would be tempted to use when defining too much, for instance - do not illuminate anything since you need to know what busy means to them.
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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    I'll keep it to one example per category...

    1) Boring: Nomos orion all-white.

    Name:  306-331-orion-weiss-3d-front_1.jpg
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    2) Perfect: Nomos Club OG.

    Name:  NOMOS_CLUB_FACE1.jpg
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Size:  210.4 KB

    3) Too much: Zelos Mako

    Name:  zelos-mako-diver-steel-black-1__13181.1523374381.jpg
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Size:  191.2 KB
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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    It's never consistent for me, at least in the short term. I might find a watch boring one week only to move it into perfect category the next. Then I might downgrade something from perfect to too busy. My taste seems to change with the tide. Only if the assessment remains the same for months do I trust that it has settled into its proper place in my pantheon.
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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    definitely hard to define. There is definitely such a fine line between "busy but well thought out design" and overly complicated, and it's not always just like how many words/markers are on the dials. I definitely feel like some watches are "over designed". Companies want to put their "unique touch" on everything from hands, dial texture, bezel, case shape, and turns into a mess.

    Similarly, there is a very fine line between minimalist and boring.

    Here's some examples from watches I owned, which I think straddle those lines:

    Not enough: Damasko, I just found the printed dial and lack of texture/rehaut/chapter ring, and flat crystal was lacking something. Fully lumed hands also lacked any texture or visibly interesting. Very legible and great tool watch, but I just found myself getting bored of it. Again, not the MOST boring watch, but one that maybe drifted a little over that line for me.
    vs. the Oris 65, where still has a printed dial, but the hands actually have some texture, and the domed crystal add so much to make this a visibly interesting watch.

    Too much:
    Patek, obviously not my watch. Very busy, but everything well thought out and serves a purpose. Simple hands and markers are a good design choice give how busy the rest of the watch is. vs my Astron... probably too busy. A lot going on here with texture, hands, chapter ring, bezel. Could do with a simpler hand choice, and probably without both the hour on the chapter ring and city on the bezel (although having both is useful sometimes). Still gets a lot of wrist time, because it has a lot of useful features, but still a lot going on here.
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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    The Rolex Cellini gets the “boring” award while the Sub takes the “perfect” prize and the Daytona Leopard walks away with the “too much” cup.
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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    Iíll try to answer as best as I can

    Something like Rolex sub,itís too common (black dial dive watch with black bezel and ss bracelet),another example will be PP calatrava and Nomos,Iíd put black dial speedy in this category as well

    Just right
    Something that looks common but it has an extra pizzas like destro Panerai or probably the model with tantalum case,another example in this category will be JLC NSA,itís a black dial and bezel diver but it has an extra complication and comes in rubber strap

    Too much
    Something too colorful,probably the most visible example will be thr bezel....batman,pepsi,coke,root beer etc...first I thought they look cool but along the way I find them to be kitsch,two tone and bejeweled watches are in this category too

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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    Straight stick or pencil hands are really boring. I also get bored with matte dials.

    Too much is many Asian watches, including lots of Seikos and Casios.

    I do not like sub-seconds indices on non chronograph watches, and I don't care for tachymeters.

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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    Tooooooo Much

    Name:  8aa1300b4ef5955dd7286f8488e2e56f.jpg
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    Re: What will you call "Boring", "Perfect" & "Too Much"?

    This,that, and the other thing.

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