What is your dream watch like?
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Thread: What is your dream watch like?

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    What is your dream watch like?

    Let me start with mine:
    1. Strong mechanical aesthetic feeling, preferably hollow out, or Tourbillon, Karrusel and so on.
    2. Through the back, you can see the beautiful finishing such as Geneva Stripes, Fish scale pattern.
    3. Tradition functions like calendar, month, world-wide time, stopwatch , Smart functions, such as steps, temperature, heart test.
    4. It's very troublesome to winding watch every day. It's better to winding the watch when i want to. if i don't winding the watch for more than three year, the watch also in right time indicate.
    5. The most important thing is that the price is less than 600 USD. So i don't have to be so distressed when i wear it and i can have many watch if i want
    Everyone says what your ideal watch looks like. Maybe I can make it.

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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

    This is my dream watch

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    Hand made, whatever metal you like, one of a few in the world, less than £500.........

    Aw come on OP we are dreaming here.
    " I am easily impressed by the best" - Winston Churchill.

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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

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    "Either he's dead or my watch has stopped"
    Groucho Marx

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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

    Imagine a TT Daytona
    Got it?
    Now add a date to it and you have my ideal.

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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

    Dream/ideal watch for looks:

    -Has bracelet, round dial/crystal, and date window framed with rectangular frame
    -Legible, high contrast between dial and hands/markers
    -Super clear crystal is nice
    -Some degree of nicely finished movement behind transparent caseback
    -Plain design, under-the-radar, most others won't know or care what it is

    Dream/ideal watch for function:

    -Some of the same things as above
    -Has alarm, stop watch, and timing bezel
    -Solar or kinetic
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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

    For me, I'm not sure such a watch exists. I would want it in a brushed stainless steel case, about 45-46mm, <15mm thick, GMT display, large date window that displays digits the size of magnified date windows, discreet (not too wide) rotating timing bezel, sapphire crystal recessed 1mm below bezel surround, bolted bracelet (no spring bars), dial face that is clean and uncluttered, black dial with pale yellow hour/minute hands and red second hand, WR to minimum 20 bar, anti-magnetic, shock resistant and a hand wound mechanical movement that runs within COSC specifications with a minimum 10 years between service intervals, at a cost less than $1000. But if such a watch ever existed I'd be on it in a hurry.

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    Cool Re: What is your dream watch like?

    It's like the 'McGonigle Tourbillon.

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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

    it'll sit on my wrist and attract women (only the really good looking ones) at a 30m radius.
    They'll come up to me, compliment my taste, offer to buy me a drink (I'm partial to limeade or freshly squeezed orange juice), and ask me if I want to go home with them....and not in a Cardi B sorta way.
    “If we could be satisfied with anything, we should have been satisfied long ago.”
    ― Seneca

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    Re: What is your dream watch like?

    40mm wide, 200mm+ WR, multicolor T100 illumination for every minute and thinner than 12mm. Superluminova numerals and rotating timing bezel, maybe a GMT hand.
    On a quartz regulated self-winding spring-powered movement, visible through the exhibition caseback.

    ...Sounds tricky.


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