What is your Exchange Rate?
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Thread: What is your Exchange Rate?

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    What is your Exchange Rate?

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    I thought it was impossible to have a better life than Anthony Bourdain. But his final bittersweet gift just knocked me on my ass with the stark reminder that a
    dventure, love, prosperity, prestige…anything we aspire to at all…is really just the currency we use to buy the four things that really matter: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. Realizing that even that kiss that melts your heart… only melts it because those four fairy godmothers waved their magic wands and turned your brain into a freakin princess. But if our brain hits us with a really ...... exchange rate, if suddenly winning that Academy Award only buys us a day’s ration of serotonin, then how the hell are we supposed to stock up for our whole lives? That Anthony Bourdain can stand on the highest mountain and feel nothing but a desire to move toward oblivion is all I need to kick me in the ass and ask the most important question, how’s my exchange rate? What can I do to get more joy out of everything I’m presented with, big or small? How does anyone do that? I guess there begins one’s lifelong quest for God, psychedelic drugs, transcendental meditation, or whatever the hell else you need to do to bring true value to the external pleasures of the world. Anything that promises, not pleasure, but perspective. There's a good case to be made that those are the things worth seeking first, before even love and success. Because watching my little boy flood his brain with happiness because he found a cool stick on the lawn is all the evidence I need that “how you experience” is so much more important than “what you experience.” - Sean Carter

    Some of us can buy a $50 GShock and have months and even years of joy from such a humble piece.
    Others can buy a $20,000 Patek Phillipe and then hunger for the next hit 2 days later.
    Flippers Flip because they want to experience this high of acquisition without the hangover of a huge bill (hopefully selling the watch before the creditcard bill is due).

    What is your exchange rate of happiness with watches? What watches provide the best happiest per $? What is the best way to get joy out of your watches?

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    Lately, I enjoy reading about and looking at watches more than owning. My "high" has passed. I love to talk about watches from a mechanical sense that I have changed my whole perspective in "wanting" more but, realizing a sense of contentment. I find myself enjoying my current small collection of watches. That from a sense of symbolism or a form of heritage pride my 2013 ST5 project watch is worn quite frequently.

    As I stand, the price or brand of the watch no longer has meaning or justifiable expense but, how the watch affects/gives meaning to me has become of great importance. A form of association, in other words. Sentimental? Yes, but we are all sentimental to some degree.
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    Re: What is your Exchange Rate?


    I guess, after thinking a bit, my "money to happiness exchange rate" is pretty bad with watches. Taking the last year's as a representative example, it seems to be approx. $500 per 3 weeks or so. If I wasn't flipping, that kind of burn rate would be utterly unsustainable.

    I think I'm doing something very wrong with this 'hobby' tbh. It's almost always way much more time in the buildup, waiting, planning and thinking, and so much less in having/wearing/enjoying. :(
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    Re: What is your Exchange Rate?

    I don't know. I suppose I don't get much of a "hit" from actually buying watches -- Around these parts I seem to be on the "slow" end of the acquisition scale. I do still "shop" for watches continuously, although with no plan or real desire to purchase in the near future. [I've now typed and deleted the next sentence several times. No idea where I'm going, so I'm retiring from this post].
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    Re: What is your Exchange Rate?

    Those hard to find, or quirky and uncommon, affordables give me the best exchange rate.

    It’s not the cheapest ones, as I can feel the quality isn’t quite there. I sometimes yearn for something better.

    But with these, the quality is sufficient but the level of intrigue is great.
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    Re: What is your Exchange Rate?

    take your time when buying to make sure its right, buy what you love, wear it proudly. if the day comes where you want to sell it so be it

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    Re: What is your Exchange Rate?

    I'm at the been there done that stage so practicing living in the moment (not well most times but at least aware of that) and enjoying that . . .
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    Re: What is your Exchange Rate?

    Less is more, I try to own less and enjoy that more.

    Also, pls increase your font size mate :)
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    I represent inmates serving life sentences trying to gain release on parole from California prisons. As you can imagine, it’s very stressful. I’ve always liked watches, but didn’t start collecting until 2 years ago. I received an email about a watch sale. I spent most of that evening studying watches on many sites. It actually relaxed me quite a lot. So I kept doing it and started putting together a collection and haven’t looked back.

    As for my watches, all under $1000, most under $200, I get pleasure every morning when I choose my watch of the day and from looking at it on my wrist.

    I just had surgery to remove a kidney stone. As the nurse prepared to stab the IV needle into me I kept my fear at bay by imagining what watches I would buy if some generous patron of Horology were to hand me $100g just to spend watches (I’m open to the real thing if anyone is so inclined😇).

    And now, when going to the bathroom is an exercise in pain I hope no one ever has to experience, I work through it by studying possible new watch purchases and posting here. Along with other things.
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    Re: What is your Exchange Rate?

    I flip watches all of the time and I've noticed that my "high" of watches come from all over. The occasional high from an expensive watch is great but I feel the ones that last are sentimental pieces such as one built myself or gifted. No matter the price I think that any piece can give you a "high".

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