Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

Thread: Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

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    Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

    Most WIS on this forum and others agreed that it made the biggest splash at Basel last year. And now, nobody even mentions it anymore. It seems like the watch disappeared. I understand that Tudor has no ADs in the US, but there are other watch brands in the same range that don't sell in the US that get more attention here. I would've thought that more people would've ordered it from overseas, or perhaps picked it up when traveling. Or maybe it just isn't available...? I went to Asia last year around this time and looked for it in the many Tudor ADs I visited, and didn't find one. Anybody know if they're in high demand where they're sold? Or does nobody care anymore?
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    Re: Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

    Check the Rolex & Tudor Forum. We've had one posted up there recently.


    Here's a GranTour Chrono as a bonus:



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    Re: Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

    I have one which I bought from someone who has a connection in Greece and brought it to the US. It is by far my favorite go to watch and I have bought and sold probably 40 watches in the last 2 years but this is one of only a couple which I will never give up. Its a mix of the vintage styling, quality, and perfect size that just works for me. While not "inexpensive" I find it to be reasonable compared to others in the comparable price range. Hopefully they'll stop selling it so it becomes more valuable....

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    Re: Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

    VERY tempted to get this for Christmas. Well, this or a Speedypro (that's IF I stop spending on others things until then.)

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    Re: Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

    Definitely on my short list.

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    Re: Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

    Kind regards

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    Re: Whatever happened to the Tudor Heritage Chrono?

    We still have access to them in Canada. Here in Calgary, there are 2 Rolex/ Tudor dealers, and each store has one of each color sitting in the display case for at least 6 months. It's just like the old Tudor Chronos........they sit around, not getting sold and will probably end up getting blown out at 50% off.

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