What's the most common grail?
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Thread: What's the most common grail?

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    What's the most common grail?

    Submariner? Planet Ocean?
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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    Hard question. For me it's a Gallet, but I'm cut from different cloth.
    Maybe a Rolex sub, although I'd add the Omega Speedmaster. I see that as more popular than the PO, but I'm not all that much into these brands
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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    Omega Speedmaster and Omega Seamaster are almost certainly the top two on these forums from what I read. And for many in the Seiko community it would be a Grand Seiko or MarineMaster. And for G-Shock fans a Frogman. And in the High-End watches category the Lange 1 or possibly a Calatrava. And for the Rolex community a new or vintage Submariner or Paul Newman Daytona. And on and on..

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    On these forums it varies quite a bit. In the "normal world" I'm guessing most people who want a nice watch would save up to buy a Rolex Submariner.

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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    I'd say the Sub.

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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    Orange/black Monster! Realistically, perhaps the Speedy, PO or the Sub.
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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    The way people use the word "grail" is interesting to me. A lot of people seem to use it just to describe something that's readily available but out of their reach financially. I'd love to own a Lange Datograph, for example, but there's no way I could afford to buy one. If I won the lottery tomorrow, however, it would be pretty easy for me to buy one and have it on my wrist in short order. To me, a "grail" is something more than just an expensive watch that I can't afford to buy, it's something that's exceedingly rare, or may not exist at all. Even if you had all the money in the world, it would take a significant amount of time and effort to find one, if one can be found at all. Using that interpretation, a grail is not just a cal. 321 Speedmaster, but Buzz Aldrin's moon-flown Speedmaster, which we know exists, but has been lost for 30 or 40 years.
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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    By definition...a grail is not common.

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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    there's a watch that isn't exactly my grail but I am attracted by it for two reasons.

    i) it was in one of my favourite films as a teenager
    ii) it was designed by Giugiaro

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    Re: What's the most common grail?

    Definitely the Rolex Sub and Omega Speedmaster or Seamaster - they consistently top marketing surveys regarding brand recognition for luxury watches and by huge margins over everyone else (the sole exception is Patek).

    Within watch forums, there's a lot more appreciation for lesser known brands. As other posters have mentioned Seiko gets a lot more respect and I'd say Zenith - usually with an El Primero movement - is a pretty common grail here as well.
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