What's Your One Keeper?
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Thread: What's Your One Keeper?

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    What's Your One Keeper?

    So as WIS, we can be very fickle-minded. Well, at least I can. My taste in watches can easily change by the hour for a variety of reasons. It is for that reason that I flip my watches regularly, always chasing after my next find. But despite that, I pose a question to my fellow WIS:

    What's your one keeper? That one timepiece you plan on keeping and maybe passing down? I know that there may be several pieces to speak of, but what's that one single piece? Whether it's your daily wearer, the piece you only wear on special occasions (or keep locked away and never wear), or weather it costs $100 or $100,000, no watch is off limits. Why is it a keeper for you?

    So I'll start. The one I plan keeping at least for the foreseeable future is my Grand Seiko SBGA071. It's a limited edition of 200 pieces, and its beautiful and symmetrical aesthetics (including that captivating deep blue dial and the gliding seconds hand), its ultra-high end finish and craftsmanship, and its very refined Zaratsu polishing are some of the reasons that make my SBGA071 a keeper. The main reason, however, that makes this one a keeper is the Spring Drive movement. What other mechanical watch from another brand can offer an accuracy rating of ±1 second / day? Not many, I suspect. I also love that non-WIS just see it as a "Seiko" and nothing else...if they only knew!

    I could go on and on about Grand Seiko and Spring Drive, but here is my keeper:

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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    The Speedmaster, versatile timeless design with a very legible dial for a chronograph.

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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    Name:  Rolex Explorer II 16570 37_resize.jpg
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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    My Lucien Piccard, been keeping it for awhile now.

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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    My AT from the previous series was my first 'expensive' watch. I've yet to find another watch that feels as 'right' for me. Plus, it's the relatively uncommon blue dial in the also uncommon 36mm size so it would be difficult to replace. I don't see myself flipping it.

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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    My "beater" - grab and go watch, very light (full titanium), decent lume, thermo compensated movement, thin, many functions, stylish probably won't sell unless I can get later model with backlight at a good price :

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    Off Topic post Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    Name:  gw5000.jpg
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    GW-5000-1JF -- A G-shock.

    I've gone through a lot of watches, but I'll never part with this piece. Yes, it looks very similar to its 45 dollar stocked-at-Walmart brother. But I've grown to love its subdued aesthetics, its atomic accuracy and "wear it and forget about it" convenience and comfort. DLC coated in a stainless steel screwback case, it's the modern homage of the first G-shock released 30 years ago.

    This watch will remain a constant in my collection as I continue to pursue that ever so elusive grail.
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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    All of my watches are keepers and none of them were bought because someone might inherit it. I bought them because I liked them.
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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

    I can't ever see myself letting go of this one. 4 years and still going strong.
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1380948688.263649.jpg
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    Re: What's Your One Keeper?

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