Where to get watch movements?

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    Where to get watch movements?

    This may be a rather odd question, and my apologies if it's in the wrong forum, but if anyone will know, it's you guys.

    I have owned a pair of these watch movement cufflinks (except mine said Bulova Watch Co. on them, and have slightly different crowns) for about a year until one of them fell off and was lost. I still have the base part of the cufflink though. I figure that with some glue, I could attach it back on, which would be a simple matter if I had an extra movement. Considering that these go for as low at $25 per pair on Etsy, it can't exactly be expensive to purchase them.

    The problem is that I don't know where to get them. By how many of these kind are available, I figure the design of the movement is dirt common, down to the screws. The issue would be finding where to get them, and preferably not in bulk (while they are pretty neat, I don't have anything to use a bag of watch movements for). If it helps, I'm located in Toronto, Canada (that probably limits my options though).

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Where to get watch movements?


    Probably quicker to look on ebay for a 'watch for repair', which can sometimes can be had for pennies and extract the movement. The movement you showed us was used most commonly in woman's watches for many years so there must be thousands of them out there. You could try second hand/charity shops in your area and be helping out at the same time. If you can't find one for a fiver I'd be very surprise.

    I've just hacked ebay for you... have fun..

    http://desc.shop.ebay.com.au/i.html?_nkw=Bulova+watches+to+repair&_sacat=14324& LH_TitleDesc=1&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&LH_PrefLoc =2&LH_SiteWideCondition=Used285fdd&_odkw=mechanica l+watches+to+repair&_osacat=14324
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