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    Where to Go For Watch Restoration


    I have an old Orfina Porsche Chrono which is in need of total restoration.

    Needs either to be re-pvd'd (case and braclet) in black or could have it restored in standard stainless finish.

    Crystal needs work and the val7750 movement needs repairing as it does not work at present.

    Does anyone know of a good watch restoration expert who could undertake this kind of work. Preferably one who knows these Orfina watches well, so as to get the finish back to it's original type etc.

    Prefere the UK but will send abroad to the right person who comes recommended.

    Any webs sites to look would be good.


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    Re: Where to Go For Watch Restoration

    I´d try to contact [email protected] first and ask them for advice. They should know if they can´t do it themselves.
    They are know responsible for Royal Navy watches.
    Uhrenschmiede Grenchen
    CH-2540 Grenchen
    Tel. 056-210 05 31
    Fax 056-222 34 12

    You may also try to contact their general agent

    SCW Swiss Classic Watches

    Schifferle & Schifferle GmbH

    CH-5422 Ober-Ehrendingen

    Tel. 056-222 75 36
    Fax 056-222 34 12
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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