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    Where you at?

    Well this year is half way done so I was just wondering how many watches have you all bought so far this year? Are you planning to buy more before the years end?

    I bought 2 so far and I think I'm done but never say never right.

    Hopefully down the road - Ball Engineer II Red Label, JLC Reverso, Nomos.


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    Re: Where you at?

    So far this year:

    Marathon JSAR
    Seiko Sumo
    Omega Speedmaster Professional (this was a gift)
    Halios Bluering

    I think that's it. I can't remember if I bought the Seiko SRP043K2 this year or at the very end of last. And I also don't remember when I got my Glycine. That might have been this year. It's been flying by.

    I should be done now, with the Bluering being an exception to my one-in, one-out policy until I find a new piece to work towards. I've cooled it on the Aristo, but the Glycine is still on the chopping block. It's not that it's not a great watch, it's just that it doesn't get enough wrist time. But unless I replace it with another California dial, I know I'll want a Cali down the road. But there are so many boutique divers that I want. Halios Laguna, Helson Skindiver...okay, not so many, but two. Both are more than my impulse buy limit ($500), so unless a used one comes up at a deep enough discount (unlikely because they both just came out), it won't happen for quite a while. As it stands, I'm still shopping around for a "grail", for lack of a better word:

    Doxa 5000T Sharkhunter or Caribbean
    Oris ProDiver chrongraph
    Sinn U1
    Omega Aqua Terra Small Seconds (49.2mm!)

    Not so attainable:
    Rolex DeepSea
    Rolex Sea Dweller (earlier model with drilled lugs)
    Omega Aqua Terra chronograph
    Omega Planet Ocean XL
    Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
    Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46
    Breitling SuperOcean Heritage Chrono
    Breitling Airwolf
    Breitling Emergency
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    TAG Heuer Monaco LE|Omega Speedmaster|Seamaster 300MC|Rolex Submariner|Tudor Ranger

    How did it get so late so soon?

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    Re: Where you at?

    Bought the Ball Fireman and Hydrocarbon GMT this year so far....looking to add a UN Maxi Marine Diver by year end
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    Re: Where you at?

    So far this year i'm doing quite well, i have sold seven watches, bought eight & have one on order (so far).

    2011 sold:
    Seiko Kinetic Diver 200m
    Rolex submariner 14060
    Tag Heuer 2000
    Lanco Dyametronic
    Omega Seamaster 300m
    Steinhart Ocean 1 GMT
    Bell&Ross Phantom

    2011 buys:
    Hamilton Below Zero 1000
    Seiko Black Monster
    Magrette Moana Pacific
    Precista PRS20
    Parnis sterile GMT
    GC dual time
    Enzo Mechana sub hatch
    Seiko Sumo

    On order:
    Enzo Series 500

    Currently lusting after:
    Helios Laguna
    Seiko Marinemaster 300m
    Rolex Sea Dweller 16600
    Vintage VDB 2011
    Germano & Walter 500
    Sinn U1
    Tempest Viking

    Current collection up to 17 now however not gelling with the Below Zero or the Black Monster so they'll go soon & the GC was an impulse buy that is a bit too dressy for me so may also be on the way out. Trying to be disciplined & balance the in's & out's especially as i'm not made of money but there are just so many watches out there i seem to need to own.
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    Re: Where you at?

    Just a Seiko Black Monster so far..

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    Re: Where you at?

    Quote Originally Posted by e2k View Post
    Just a Seiko Black Monster so far..
    Totally lame. You should have gotten a Marinemaster 600 instead.

    TAG Heuer Monaco LE|Omega Speedmaster|Seamaster 300MC|Rolex Submariner|Tudor Ranger

    How did it get so late so soon?

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    Re: Where you at?

    This year I picked up my Ernst Benz ChronoSport 44 and my Steinhart Ocean44 DLC.

    I'm done for the year....................According to my wife.
    Ernst Benz 44m Traditional ChronoSport
    Steinhart Ocean 44 DLC
    Steinhart Triton 30ATM
    Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono H326160

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    Re: Where you at?

    So far this year (in no particular order):

    • Seiko Orange Monster
    • Seagull 1963
    • Rolex Oysterquartz

    And this does not include these two watches that were bought for others:

    • Rolex Ladies Datejust President (for the lass' birthday)
    • Rolex Datejust Vintage (for a relative)

    That list doesn't look so bad. Maybe I *will* buy another one or two before the year is out.

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    Re: Where you at?

    This year I only added a Seiko Spork, but I'm kicking around a Seiko Tuna (probably the "15"). We see how the finances go later this fall.

    I sold my TT Sub (blue face) because it just wasn't getting wrist time. I like my SS Sub much better and will probably keep forever.
    My little friends:

    Casio G-Shock GW-5000
    Casio G-Shock GD-350
    Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400
    Kienzle Chronograph
    Omega Speedmaster PRO
    Orient Star Classic
    Rolex Submariner
    Seiko 007 Diver
    Seiko Turtle Diver
    Seiko SARB 021

    Seiko 7A28 Chrono

    And a few other fun watches ...

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    Re: Where you at?

    I decided to streamline my collection since I didn't really get anything from my vintage watches anymore. Also, some of my more recent additions weren't firing me up, so I let them go, too.

    Poljot Journey
    Seiko Samurai
    Laco Support Chrono
    Zenith Sporto
    Omega Seamaster 30
    Omega Seamaster De Ville
    Rado Purple Horse

    And with the money from those I got two new ones

    Breitling Colt II auto
    BALL Engineer Master II DLC

    Gladly, I didn't have to spend everything on those two, so I'm planning on using the leftovers as a starter money for an Aqua Terra, if I ever see one here.

    edit. Oh, and I'm just about to pull the trigger for a Kemmner.

    So, there you have it :)

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