White Light lamps?

Thread: White Light lamps?

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    White Light lamps?

    So, I know many of you are into photography, so could you help a newbie out? What lamps do you guys do? This yellow little reading light ain't doing it for me, so can u suggest a powerful lamp under $50?

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    Re: White Light lamps?

    Just go to home depot, or whatever hardware store is nearest, and buy the metal work lamps, they usually have clamps to attach to something.. they take regular bulbs, adjust the white balance to whatever bulbs u are using.. Also do a search for diy lightbox..

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    Re: White Light lamps?

    Hey Kyle, head over to the bay and pick up a nice light tent for around $15-20, might not be the best quality you can get of course, but for home watch photography it is pretty useful. just search fro light tent with that you can use any table lamp that you can pick up at Wal-Mart for $4 each I guess...

    also, when the weather is nice, go out and use the Sun, no light can be as good as the good old Solarus

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